On Tuesday, March 23, OnePlus has finally taken a step into tech's wearable side, revealing their first-ever Smartwatch. Now the company has revealed everything people need to know about the watch to decide if it's worth it.

The OnePlus Watch

OnePlus' First-Ever Smart Watch: Release Date, Prices, Specs
(Photo : Photo by Oneplus from Oneplus)
OnePlus' First-Ever Smart Watch: Release Date, Prices, Specs

At a glance, the phone has a very similar design to another watch. CNET says the watch has a very similar design to the Galaxy Watch Active.

Another smartwatch from Samsung is $250 compared to the OnePlus Smartwatch that costs $159.

The watch features a round watch face with an AMOLED touchscreen to boot. The side of the device comes with a steel frame and two buttons.

Although the device comes with all this, it only comes in a single size of 46mm, but the watch bands can be interchangeable and allow for third-party watch bands as well.

According to TheVerge, the watch will come in two colors, silver, and black. They also note that the display is 1.39 inches at 326ppi using sapphire glass.

Specs-Wise it will come with 1GB of ram, 4GB of internal storage, integrated speakers, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS are all built-in as all smartwatches should have in the year 2021. Unfortunately, the watch doesn't come with any cellular options, and a phone will have to connect to the watch for those features.

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The Unique Features

OnePlus' First-Ever Smart Watch: Release Date, Prices, Specs
(Photo : Photo by Oneplus from Oneplus)
OnePlus' First-Ever Smart Watch: Release Date, Prices, Specs

OnePlus has jam-packed this watch with many features, such as a week-long battery life of a single 20-minute charge. The company calls this feature 'Wrap Charge.'

The Oneplus Watch can also pair Bluetooth headphones to listen to the music stored on the watch directly instead of using your phone. You can leave your phone at home and still listen to music on the go if necessary.

The watch also caters to those who do fitness as it will sport over 110 workout modes and be water and dust-resistant. The watch will automatically detect and monitor your sleep, stress, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rate.

Though this phone doesn't use WearOs, According to TheVerge, it will be using an RTOS-style software setup similar to Fitbit. Although this means you will need to download an app to connect the watch to your phone to receive calls and notifications on the device, the phone will also send everything it monitors straight to your phone.

The Smartwatch also comes with a feature that allows the watch to connect to any Oneplus Tv to control it remotely through the watch itself.

Another issue with this phone is that it cannot download certain apps like Spotify or other music apps.

This means you will have to get your music onto the watch through other means and use the storage on the Smartwatch. Although this unfortunate, the watch can hold up to 500 songs that can be listened to the go.

With all this said, the phone will be available on April 14 on the OnePlus' Website. A limited cobalt edition of the watch is coming soon as well.

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