Polyslash and Playway SA's Mech Mechanic Simulator
(Photo : PlayWay SA)

Repair more robots, work for larger companies, and ultimately lead your machine shop to glory as Mech Mechanic Simulator releases its full version on Steam.

This refreshingly specific simulator by Polyslash and PlayWay S.A. is set to be released on Mar. 25. Developers have offered a taste of the game with the Mech Mechanic Simulator Prologue, released a little over a month ago last Feb. 18.

In Mech Mechanic Simulator, players work as the titular mech mechanic - deconstructing, repairing, rebuilding, and cleaning those huge machines. Players also get to source their own replacement parts and even tinker with other parts of the machine for no other reason.

Polyslash also released an updated release trailer for Mech Mechanic Simulator on its YouTube channel. Set to a country-rock tune, the game displays various machines players will get to fix in the game. Furthermore, it teases a new feature after the "Calibrate" card, showing the potential for players to take the robot out for a ride - testing the guns, moving around obstacles, and more.

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Polyslash and Playway SA's Mech Mechanic Simulator
(Photo : PlayWay SA)

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More Mechs Mean More Money

In the Mech Mechanic Simulator Prologue, there are only three mechs for players to work with: Centurion, Argus, and Legacy. These three mech designs, sent by different clients for different repair and restoration needs, vary greatly in their looks and parts. Players get to remove each panel and each screw to get to the damaged part, creating an intuitive and fun procedural experience.

Additionally, the Mech Mechanic Simulator Prologue tasks players with purchasing their license as a registered mech mechanic by taking on jobs to raise the necessary funds.

With the Mech Mechanic Simulator full version, players can now go beyond what the Prologue version previously offered. The game can now go beyond the acquisition of the license and allows players to repair and work with more mech designs apart from the first three introduced before.

Some of the changes for the upcoming full versions have been integrated into the latest Prologue patch. One of these changes includes "the tablet," which allows players access to the jobs menu wherever they are in the workshop. Previously, checking the jobs menu required players to go to the office computer on the other side of the workshop.

Also, the developers have also made a series of fixes to minor issues in the Mech Mechanic Simulator Prologue - from updated parts and station prices to visual cues while repairing mechs - for a smoother gameplay experience.

Take Your Clients Out for a Spin

Another fun feature in the upcoming Mech Mechanic Simulator is the Calibration system. While the Polyslash game takes a new direction in the mech genre - by making players the mechanics instead of the pilots - it will also reference mainstream mech games by allowing players to take control of the mechs they repair and taking them out for a spin.

The developers explain that "while the process of fixing the mechs is an extremely crucial and important part of the game, we can't forget that customers should get their machines tested."

To this end, the developers teased the addition of various mini-games, each designed to test a particular performance feature of the mechs in repair.

Watch the Mech Mechanic Simulator Release Trailer below:


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