The SN11 may have been postponed for the entire past week but Elon Musk has now confirmed that SpaceX is now gearing up for its test flight and launch tomorrow at the Boca Chica launch facility, said on Sunday, March 28. This would be the first outing of the Mars-bound spacecraft, which the company hopes to be the last prototype and bring them the success to be used for missions.

SpaceX SN11
(Photo : SpaceX)

Unlike SN10 which has been revealed, teased by Musk, and was shown alongside the SN9, the new Starship was mostly kept in private, with the company expecting this to be the working and landing prototype. SpaceX or its CEO also has not revealed any changes with its flight maneuvers or landing syles, unlike with the previous Starships.

With this being said, SpaceX would stick with the "Belly Flop" and "Pull Up" method for its landing, with the Starship falling on its belly before pulling up with its boosters to break the fall as it nears the platform. In the previous tests, the company's spacecraft have exploded either upon landing or after it landed for miscalculated aspects of the rocket.

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SpaceX SN11 Test Flight Date Confirmed

SpaceX SN11
(Photo : SpaceX)
SpaceX Starship standing on its Boca Chica launch facility, built on a Stainless Steel creation unlike most spacecraft in the industry.

In a tweet by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk (@elonmusk), the CEO revealed the possibility of SpaceX's test flight for its latest iteration and build of the Starship tomorrow afternoon, which is Monday, March 29. The company is known for conducting its test flights over weekdays, and it delivers its initial claims for the rescheduling. 


The SN11 Starship is long overdue, particularly since the last test flight of the company happened almost a month since it last launched the SN10 on Mar. 3, also observing the gap with SN9's Feb. 2 test flight. SN10 showed a promising landing as it was able to return to its landing spot, only to blow up several minutes later.

SpaceX and Elon Musk would attempt the test flight maneuver of the SN10, but it would use all of its engines upon descent, as the CEO mentioned earlier, to avoid another tragic explosion like its predecessor. The Starship's three Raptor engine setup would still be used in the SN11, and the company hopes this to be the last prototype, in time for its "full-stack" plans by July.

SpaceX SN11 How to Watch

SpaceX's live stream website would facilitate the documentation of the test flight that would possibly happen tomorrow, or anytime next week should the company postpone again. Last week's postponement was due to several issues that Musk said needed fixing, with the company preparing big time for it.

On the other hand, another live stream setup would be posted by SpaceX via its YouTube channel on the day itself, expected to appear two hours before it launches in the afternoon. It is best to check it around 12 in so as not to miss anything from the stream.

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