Microsoft Edge has been one of the most slept on web browsers in the world, and its recent upgrade to Chromium has it on par with one of the prominent ones from Google, known to people as the Chrome. For a long time now, people have been debating that Google Chrome has lost its touch from when it first launched, and now, there is something better.

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Windows is still the largest computer operating system in the world, and both of these internet browsers are prominent on the Microsoft platform, with one dominating for the past 13 years, and the other starting only now. Indeed, Microsoft Edge is not that much noticed because it follows its predecessors which are detested by many, the Internet Explorer.

This year marked the transition to a Chromium-based platform for Microsoft Edge, which promises to be better than its past iterations and versions, which started as the Windows 10 OS released. Still, the Microsoft Edge is less popular than Google Chrome, despite the many backlashes against the web browser for its slow loading times.

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Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: Which is Better?

Microsoft Edge
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According to Gizmodo, Microsoft Edge has numerous advantages against Google Chrome these days, and it may be worth checking out and using, especially if Chrome is already taking a toll on one's computer. While Google Chrome still packs a competition against the Microsoft Edge, both use the Chromium code which makes them comparable to each other.

Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: RAM

One of the highly noticeable changes and differences of Edge and Chrome is its usage of a computer's Random Access Memory or "RAM." The memory of a computer is what runs the processes of everything, including the necessities, down to the applications and different software that a user access in the computer.

Significantly, Google Chrome is now the "bulkier" software as it uses more RAM, especially as the users access more tabs and have an active session, which is a long-running issue with the internet company. On the other hand, Microsoft Edge has a built-in feature that makes tabs "sleep" while it is inactive or unused upon browsing.

Google Chrome
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Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: Features

Google Chrome is mostly known for the features it brought to the table, especially with the entirety of the Google Suite readily accessible for users as needed. This includes Translate, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and the like. In this category alone, Google maintains a superiority among other web browsers.

However, Microsoft Edge also offers several of its online features with its web browsers including OneDrive, Office 365, and others. But what is more commendable is the slur of nifty features that improves browsing like "Read Aloud" (reading pages to users), Reading Mode, Vertical Tabs, and more.

Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: Privacy

Google Chrome is notorious for using and collecting as much user data and is partnered with ad tracking companies to sell gathered data, to improve advertisements on the platform. While Google has an excellent Incognito mode and other features for security, Microsoft Edge allows users to have different choices for security and privacy with its three modes (Basic, Balanced, and Strict) depending on user preference.

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