PlayStation Play At Home
(Photo : PlayStation Blog)
PlayStation Play At Home April Free Games
(Photo : PlayStation Blog)
Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn
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Sony PlayStation is offering a different freebie of games to download for users without any subscription service, and have the chance to keep the game in the "Play At Home" program launched last April. The games initially offered were massive titles including "Ratchet and Clank," and "Horizon: Zero Dawn," along with indie games for both consoles.

PlayStation Play At Home
(Photo : PlayStation Blog)

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are both included and eligible to download these games, and it only requires the use of one's PS account to download and avail of the promotion from Sony. What is more commendable about this program is that it does not require any subscriptions or payments, unlike PS Plusfree games that release monthly.

However, the Play At Home initiative is only limited to download, and having numerous titles may end up overloading the PlayStation's storage, especially the PS4's as it still runs on traditional disk drives. The titles are available until April 22, and for some games, it would only be available for several hours to days before it disappears from the platform. 

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PlayStation 'Play At Home' How to Download and Save

Sony PlayStation has recently debuted the Play At Home and would continue to update the program for people to enjoy gaming at home, during this pandemic, even without the necessity of a subscription service. Surely having to save the games would take up space, especially as owned games are already stored within the console. 

How to Download and Save Games, Free Up Space

Console and website for the Play At Home program differ from one another, especially as the Sony website allows saving the game on its platform, but is a different process for console purchases. Alternatively, users may save the game on their account using the web browser platform, but there is a way to do it in the console. 

In the console, users may head to the PlayStation Store and look for the Play At Home page to view the downloadable games. Here, they may download all the games, or the selected ones players would like to try. Upon downloading, users may let it finish so that they can start gaming, but canceling and deleting the title may be done to save the game for later downloads.

Through this method, users may save the game for downloading even after April 22, and use it for later times to free up storage. 

Play At Home Free Games April 2021

PlayStation Play At Home April Free Games
(Photo : PlayStation Blog)

According to PlayStation's blog, more than 10 indie games are coming to the platform for April, and all of these are up for grabs and can be enjoyed by gamers. Moreover, PlayStation is offering the release of "Horizon Zero Dawn" for a limited time only, on two separate dates, free of charge.

Free Indie Games for Play At Home 2021 

  • "Abzu"
  • "Enter the Gungeon"
  • "Rez Infinite"
  • "Subnautica"
  • "The Witness"

PS VR Titles:

  • "Astro Bot Rescue Mission"
  • "Moss"
  • "Thumper"
  • "Paper Beast"
Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn
(Photo : Jesus Valles via YouTube)

"Horizon Zero Dawn" would be free starting Monday, April 19, 8:00 pm PT to April 20, 8:00 pm PT (05:00 CEST) and on Friday, May 14, 8:00 pm PT until May 15, 8:00 pm PT (05:00 CEST). 

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