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The game developer Wizards of the Coast have suspended a freelance artist after they have discovered claims that they plagiarized a fan art during the creation of the artwork for the card "Magic: The Gathering."

Magic: The Gathering plagiarism issue

The art that is in question can be found on the new reprint of Crux of Fate that is available as part of the new Strixhaven set.

The card features an image of two dragons named Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, and Nicol Bolas. The two dragons can be seen engaged in battle.

The image of Nicol Bolas is almost the same to a piece of fan art that was created by Kitt Lapeña, which was uploaded on DeviantArt back in 2016.

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Lapeña, who uses the name Scarypet online, posted a video about the incident on Twitter and talked about the lengths of the plagarism.

While the pose Nicol Bolas is positioned on the card is not the same to Lapeña's fan art, by simply rotating the dragon's limbs you can see that the silhouette and even many of the good details of the artwork are identical.


In response, Wizards of the Coast issued a statement and stated that they were alerted that the card Crux of Fate from the Strixhaven: School of Mages Mystical Archive have overtly featured a "Magic: The Gathering" fan art and the contracted artists did not get permission for the incorporation.

Wizards added that the actions of the artist does not reflect the values of the company and as a result they suspended the future work with the artist, Jason Felix, until they are able to bring this issue to a conclusion.

If you wish to be a "Magic: The Gathering" player, you can try it out easily through its digital variant, Arena, that is available on PC/Mac. It has also just arrived to Android and iOS.

Magic: The Gathering's Strixhaven alternate art cards

The "Magic: The Gathering" set Strixhaven: School of Mages has some twists. The set introduces five colorful schools of magic, plus it also packs some classic cards from Magic's past.

The variety of Magic sets include special cards from previous sets and blocks, usually with new art and even new card frames that are perfect for "MtG" collectors, according to CBR.

The Kaladesh block had the artifact Inventions, and Time Spiral Remastered has timeshifted cards ranging from Chalice of the Void and Thoughtseize. Now it is Strixhaven's turn.

Strixhaven: School of Mages showed a few alternate art cards, including thematic Japanese cards. Now there are more of these cards that players can consider.

These diverse spells are contained in the Biblioplex's archives in the campus of Strixhaven and they will appear in regular Strixhaven boosters, with one in each regular booster of the set, and more in Collector's Boosters.

However, these cards are not a part of the main set, and they won't be put into the Standard environment. These cards will only be legal in the formats in which they are already legal, but Limited is a different story. In sessions of booster draft Limited, these archives cards may be drafted and used like the set's regular cards.

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