Time-Traveling TikTok User Claims Humanity Will be Extinct by 2027
(Photo : Screenshot From unicosobreniniente TikTok) Time-Traveling TikTok User Claims Humanity Will be Extinct by 2027

A particular time-traveling TikTok user actually claims to have witnessed the extinction of humanity as he visits earth in 2027. This comes quite different from the usual viral trends that most people see on TikTok.

TikToker claims he's alone at the end of the world

According to Yahoo News, a certain TikTok user known as @unicosobreniniente, who is also known as Javier, explains in the regular video updates his 1.3 million followers when he has experienced jumping ahead of time six years in the future. Via text captions that were attached to his clips explains that complete humanity is extinct and he has reportedly gotten used to being by himself.

Let's pause here for just a moment in order to point something out. The story by BGR notes that shame on him for peddling the said nonsense in the midst of the whole pandemic. Second, this could have actually been something a bit more engrossing as he allegedly traveled to the future, according to NewsWeek.

Humans are extinct but electricity works?

This, of course, is mind boggling since the person claims that he has time-traveled into the future to a certain point when humanity itself has ceased to exist but electricity is still functioning. With the uploaded video, this also shows that the internet works as well. The biggest giveaway that he did not even try to hide is that the cars and buildings are still pretty visible and even look new-ish.

Social distance signages are also seen in the TikTok videos meaning that if it were true, maybe some social distancing signage from the whole coronavirus era. If it were true, this would then mean that COVID keeps rearing its head off and on for the series of the next several years.

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What happened to hospitals?

One of Javier's followers even asked him to film something like an empty hospital some time in the future which he reportedly proceeds to do. Another one of his own TikTok followers even commented that the video saying it is not possible since he's in the present time. A number of Javier's other followers also quite astutely noted the whole tell-tale signs that something didn't hit the spot.

The common consensus is that the videos were either altered or that they were shot in isolated places. As to whether or not the evidence will pile up to the TikTok videos to be fake will pile up in the future, spectators just have to see more of his videos on TikTok.

This new trend hasn't really picked up yet but could well be just another stunt that TikTok users are trying to do in order to gain a bigger following. Although the TikTok account might not be true, it is still pretty interesting to see what a version of Earth with extinct human beings would look like in the future. Of course, the TikTok videos have to be taken with extreme caution.

@unicosobreviviente Acabo de despertar en un hospital y no sé qué ha podido pasar. Hoy es 13 de febrero de 2027 y estoy solo en la ciudad. ♬ Creepy, scary, horror, synth, tension - Sound Production Gin


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