Spotify announces its new feature called Spotify Mixes. It is a new feature included in the personalized playlist section. The feature studies the songs that you already like and selects additional songs that it thinks you will like.

The selection will be based on your favorite artists, genres, or your favorite music decades. The new Spotify Mixes are rolling out globally starting March 31 for both free and premium Spotify subscribers.

Spotify Mixes feature

According to Gadgets 360, the popular music streaming service already offers a similar feature in the form of Daily Mixes, which appear in the same "Made for You" section, 

However, the problem with Daily Mixes is that it can be a little hard to work out the unifying theme of each playlist based on their vague names such as "Daily Mix 1" and "Daily Mix 2." Sometimes, users can work it out from the included songs, but other times it can be more mysterious.

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In contrast, the names of the new Spotify Mixes are much clearer. A marketing image that was released by Spotify show playlists with names like "Pop Mix," "2000s Mix," and "Drake Mix." It is possible that it can make it easy to know what kind of music that users will find in each playlist without having to look at its track list.

According to Spotify, each Mix category will include multiple playlists, and they'll update "frequently" to stop your listening from getting stale.

As soon as it is available, users should be able to find them within "Search" in the "Made For You" hub, as per MacStories.

Other Spotify updates

On March 26, Spotify has announced that it is updating its app for desktop and web interface and it is bringing a new improved look and feel to the platform.

The redesign brings a lot of changes, some features are finding a new place within the platform, but the most noticeable change is the similarity that it has to the mobile app.

Spotify has then revealed that the new update has been brought after months of debates and development.

The Search field on the platform is no longer in the status bar, it has made its way on the side, right between Home and Your Library. This means that Browse and Radio have been pushed into the three-dot menu in the upper-left corner.

Adding tracks to playlist is also made easier, just a simple drag and drop of the track towards a user-created playlist does the magic.

One of the best features of Spotify Premium is the ability of users to download their playlist on their phones, and now they will be able to do this on desktop as well, with the addition of a Download icon.

There are also improved key combinations, which can be opened with Ctrl or Command option, depending on the device, according to GSMArena.

The new redesign is already rolling out to all users globally, but it might take weeks before it shows on every subscriber's device. PC users can download the new app from Microsoft Store or Epic Games Store, while Mac users should head to Spotify's website.

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