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(Photo : Youtube/ Caffeinated_Inc) No Man's Sky video game update

The video game "No Man's Sky" is getting an update this Wednesday, Mar. 31. The update allows players to travel through the galaxy and it can help progress a character easier.

Whether you are a longtime veteran or you are just starting with the game, the latest update called Expeditions is a great way to play "No Man's Sky" as it is like a cooperative version of "The Amazing Race."

No Man's Sky Expedition update

The main feature of the update, the titular Expeditions, is a new game mode.

According to The Verge, everyone starts on the same planet, with an expedition plotted out for them that will take them across the galaxy. 

Players then all start with an assortment of gear, technology, ships, and weapons. It is up to the players to make their way through the galaxy map and reach the final destination, completing the challenges while doing it.

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Some of the expedition challenges are easy to do, while others are meant to be difficult.

When the players complete certain milestones, they can unlock in-game rewards across all saves, which means that once they are done with their seasonal journey, they get to bring the rewards back to their main save for building, exploring, and traveling.

Expeditions work on a seasonal model, which means that a new one with a new theme and rewards will start when Expedition ends.

According to Hello Games, this update is just the beginning, and future seasons will offer a new way to look at the colossal universe of the video game.

More points are also being added to the video game, making for an easy way to meet up with other players, also known as spacefarers.

Players could use them to check out a building project, meet up with other travelers on an Expedition, or see another player's new pet, as per Eurogamer.

The Expeditions update is also jam-packed with quality-of-life improvements to the most basic features that will help quell the current fan concerns and issues.

Sentinels, the antagonistic force of the game, have been changed up to be more challenging and consistent. The valuable tools of the player, the Analysis Visor, and jetpack, have also returned.

Missions from stations and NPCs have been reworked as well, and players will need to use a Target Sweep mode on their visor in order to find mission objectives, according to a report by IGN.

The in-game HUD has been changed as well, it is now cleaner, and it is easier to read while staying out of the players' way as they observe the signs on a new planet. The new player experience has also been changed to improve on early blueprints and tutorials.

What is 'No Man's Sky' about?

"No Man's Sky" is an action-adventure survival game that is played from a first or third-person perspective that allows players to engage in four principals activities: exploration, survival, combat, and trading.

The player assumes the role of a specimen of an alien humanoid planetary explorer, also known as the Traveler, in an uncharted universe. They begin a random planet near a crashed spacecraft at the edge of the galaxy and are equipped with a survival exosuit with a jetpack and a multitool that the player can use for defense. 

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