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(Photo : Youtube/ SplatterCatGaming) Brewmaster video game beer brewing

Video games cover different types of topics, and it is very easy to assume that everything has already been done in some form but there is always a game that is set to surprise players.

PlayStation's beer game

The indie game called "Brewmaster" is the latest game coming from developers at Auroch Digital and it is scheduled to be available to PS4 and PS5 players.

The entire game is about making home made beer.

Building a home brewery is a very popular hobby for a lot of people, but few would have expected to see it in a vide game form.

According to The Brag, "Brewmaster" appears to be a PlayStation exclusive as of now, and the demo trailer for the game was shared on PlayStation channels.

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The game is being published by Sold Out, a publisher best known for video games like "DayZ," "Disjunction," and "Overcooked." From the looks of it, the game will be very laid back but it will give players a unique experience.

The trailer for "Brewmaster" makes the whole thing feel very zen as this simulator allows the players to make their own home brewery and master the art of making beer.

With that said, fans are fast to point out that it does not look as easy as it sounds, coming with many of the complication that real-life beer brewing has.

There is no other information about the game at the moment, but it is scheduled for release in 2022. It is also advertised as a perfect starting point for beginners and a great experience for all seasoned beer enthusiasts, so it should appeal to a wide group of players.

Sony and Auroch Digital are set to release more details about the video game in the months to come before it becomes available.

Other unusual games

Aside from beer brewing, there are other video games that have a very unusual premise.

For example, there is a Steam game experiment makes the developer drink a glass of water every time there is a sale. It is one of the several publicity stunts that was rolled out by gaming companies, like McDonald's 5G smartphone announcement and the KFC's electric car prank, as reported by Game Rant.

The game developer, BMC Studio, has put its new game called "Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water" in access on Steam. The developer promised to drink a glass of water for every sale that it gets, as per CBR. 

The developer will record a video of this and will add each video to the game. The game is set to be released on May 1 and will be in early access for a year. BMC Studio stated that the water drinking challenge will be done safely.

BMC Studio has a history of releasing silly games. Back in 2019, the developer released a sort of "Sonic the Hedgehog" parody named "Sanic The Hawtdawg" and "Real Life Battle Royal: It's gonna be an....EPIC game," which took on battle royale games.

The games are ridiculous stunts that a lot of people say fits more on YouTube than on the gaming platform.

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