'Halo: Infinite' Release Date, Gameplay, and More About Master Chief
(Photo : Screenshot From Halo YouTube) 'Halo: Infinite' Release Date, Gameplay, and More About Master Chief

A lot of professional gamers these days like Ninja can trace their roots all the way back to the classic "Halo," or to be more specific, "Halo 3" game. The upcoming "Halo: Infinity" will have  Master Chief touching up on the story built throughout the game series.

Master Chief story

In an interview with the IGN executive editor Ryan McCaffrey and the Halo: Infinite developers Chris Lee and Paul Crocker, Hackernoon reports that there will be a lot to expect of the upcoming game. This would include more about the enemies and how the start of the story allows players to delve into the life of Master Chief.

From there, players will have to deal with the "Banish" group and their leader. McCaffrey then explains that the Banish groups is basically a gathering of Brutes following the War Chief Escharum. Crocker even notes that the upcoming game will finally wrap up the whole story that was set by the previous games.

'Halo: Infinite' gameplay

"Halo" gameplay will be what gamers expect and of course, with a few additions. The official "Halo" YouTube channel even released a whole eight-minute demo showing the campaign mission. Although it was familiar, the article described it as looking "new" and "refreshing."

During the demo, players can see Master Chief go against a wave of enemies while destroying the weapons. During the demo's end, players get a closer glimpse at the whole War Chief Escharum, where he awaits and proceeds to challenge Master Chief. 

 In another Q&A video, the team behind "Halo: Infinite" provided gamers more info as to what they should expect, and they noted it to be not all bright and sunny like what is seen in the demo. The largest plus is that "Halo: Infinite" multiplayer mode is free

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'Halo: Infinite' release date

Despite not having a concrete date as to when the game is expected to release, gamers might be able to anticipate that it will be sometime in the fall of  2021. The game has already been postponed, and a concrete launch date has yet to be announced.

Originally, the game was supposed to be released along with the Xbox Series X/S, but it got pushed back. However, when the game does launch, it is staying true to Microsoft and will be available on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and even on Windows 10!

The game is also expected to arrive on the official Xbox Game Pass during the day of its release. However, this shouldn't really be too surprising that the Xbox flagship game is definitely going to be on their very own subscription service. As of the moment, gamers can only wait for the official '"Halo: Infinite" release date and more info about just how awesome the game is expected to be.

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