The world is in the position where most were seen by people and have already attempted grand schemes to showcase their brand or product, with Hyundai Genesis breaking a world record for most drones to light up the sky. Additionally, this world record is a back-to-back win for the car company as it also advertised its products in the process.

Grand schemes and elaborative advertisements seem to get most of the public's attention to make people turn and get interested in the product, and has been happening a lot during this time of the pandemic. One of the largest places to advertise is via social media and online streaming platforms, as people mostly use it.

However, mixing modernity with tradition is an ingenious way to get people's attention, especially using one of the most advanced systems and technology in the era, drone systems. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have made their way into the mainstream and is a feat that is expected by fans and customers during events.

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Genesis Light Show with Drones

While there is no news regarding the drones getting a Guinness World Record recognition, it surely has provided one of the most spectacular and elaborative drone show that the world has seen during this time. The public is still under restrictive lockdown due to the coronavirus threats, but the Korean car company lit up the Shanghai sky to showcase the Genesis company logo.

Genesis is known for being a luxury car company under the massive South Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai, which has been a global icon for its cars, EVs, and other company ventures. The luxury car brand has not revealed whether the UAVs are their creation or innovation, but it still is a breathtaking feat for the company.

A total of 3,281 drones lit up the Shanghai Skyline last Mar. 29, and it is to mark the official entry and arrival of Genesis in the Asian country, which have blended well with the towering buildings in the area. The Korean company has documented its light show that portrays how its drones formed and simultaneously lit to showcase the logo. 

Drone Registration in the US

While it is a spectacular feat to see drones in other countries, the United States' restriction has solidified itself as several requirements affect most drones sold by different companies in America. The Federal Aviation Authority is strict in implementing drone usage, as it requires tags for the UAV and a license for its operator to pilot the aircraft. XX

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