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Days are now looking brighter for the Xbox Series X restock this April 2021 with a lot of online retailers rumored to have new stock some time soon! Of course, buyers will still have to take everything with caution but as April approaches, it might be a new opportunity to try and buy the Xbox Series X online.

An article by TechRadar noted that few major retailers will be selling the Xbox Series X either this week or next week which, if true, would be a great way to start April 2021. The best way to get Xbox Series X restock notifications is by following an Xbox Series X tracker on Twitter like Matt Swider. Make sure to turn the notifications on to instantly be updated whenever there is new Xbox Series X stock online.

Xbox Series X restock April 2021

Walmart Xbox Series X restock date

The rumors point towards new stock coming on April 1 at 2:30 PM EDT or 11:30 AM PDT. Although Walmart usually has stock and is part of the new batches of restocks here and there, there might be way too much competition for some buyers. Gamers will have to really squeeze their way in in order to buy the Walmart Xbox Series X restock.

GameStop Xbox Series X Restock date

The rumors say that the upcoming GameStop Xbox Series X restock will be happening some time in the middle of this week. This would then put the restock date around Tuesday onwards. Following its past, most of the recent GameStop Xbox Series X restocks happen in the afternoon and rarely during night.

Target Xbox Series X restock date

Word coming from the rumor mill points towards the upcoming Target Xbox Series X restock date being this April 1 or this April 8. The online retailer is actually pretty consistent, usually restocking every two weeks with not just the Xbox Series X restock but also the PS5 restock online as well. Stocks usually release at 7 AM EDT and 8 AM EDT.

Best Buy Xbox Series X restock date

The article estimates that it is 75% probable that the new Xbox Series X restock could launch this April 2. As seen in the past, the Best Buy Xbox Series X restock usually happens between 12 PM up to 3 PM EDT. This is an online-only order with players having to pick up the console in-store.

Amazon Xbox Series X restock date

As of the moment, the restock is still unknown but Amazon is usually included in new waves of Xbox Series X restock online. The Xbox Series S reportedly lasts longer than the Xbox Series X as restock on Amazon lasts as low as two minutes sometimes. In other times, players barely have any room to buy the console.

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Xbox Series X restock is still very rare despite being a few months after its launch. Gamers have to move fast and make sure to put their orders as fast as they can.


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