Clubhouse That Big??? Twitter Reportedly Discussing to Buy Social Audio App for $4 Billion Despite Making 'Spaces'
(Photo : Screenshot From Ali Mirza YouTube) Clubhouse That Big??? Twitter Reportedly Discussing to Buy Social Audio App for $4 Billion Despite Making 'Spaces'

Although Twitter is already working on building its very own version of and a competition to one of the hottest social audio apps today, Clubhouse, it is also said to be in talks to acquire the latter as well! Despite the Clubhouse being fairly new to the game, Twitter is reportedly planning to buy the company for around $4 billion!

Clubhouse Twitter Spaces

Bloomberg now reports that Twitter is having discussions with Clubhouse regarding possibly purchasing the app for a massive amount of money. These conversations, however, have already stalled, and it is still quite unclear as to why.

It is also quite vague which between Clubhouse and Twitter approached the other party first, which could also speak for how either platform is now feeling about the total competition in the still very fresh social audio space. Bloomberg had also reported that Clubhouse is now looking to raise money at a massive $4 billion valuation. It could be possible that such number came out of these recent Twitter discussions, or that Clubhouse is possibly shopping that figure around.

Social Audio App Clubhouse

Clubhouse launched just last year and reportedly popularized the main idea of hosting live audio conversations. Tech CEOs, celebrities, and even regular folks have since then tuned in to these hosted rooms. There are also already 10 million people that have downloaded the relatively really new app, which is currently still working on invite-only basis and iOS-only devices.

According to The Verge, the app currently faces a number of competitors which include LinkedIn, Slack, Discord, Facebook, and of course, Twitter and others. These platforms already come along with built-in user bases of massive millions of people, as well as already capable web, Android, and iOS .

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Clubhouse Social Audio

Despite the competition, Clubhouse is still innovating at a massive pace, and it has even staffed up in the course of the recent months and hired an engineer to help the company build its own Android app. It is also launching a tipping feature within the app to allow creators to cash in. Clubhouse also notes that it will not be taking a cut of the creator's revenue.

For the most part, the Twitter Spaces launch has already made its way to both Android and iOS, and the company is now planning to launch a web version as well as open hosting abilities for all of the users this month. As to why Twitter would really want to acquire Clubhouse, it still doesn't make much sense as of the moment, unless they could be really keen about wiping out the competition and instantly gain its already very dedicated user base and the buzzy name.

Despite everything, Clubhouse and Twitter will still continue to face each other down the road in a journey to dominate the online social audio space. As to whether or not Twitter will be able to acquire Clubhouse is still unsure as of the moment.

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