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Every week, the "Destiny 2" merchant location changes randomly. This means players first need to know where to find him, before getting to buy new stuff from them. The "Destiny 2' Xur location for Apr. 9 will be revealed soon.

Since the video game went free-to-play a lot of new players jumped into the game to enjoy its MMO style multiplayer experience.

The game features both PvP and PvE modes together with a lot of story-driven activities that can entertain players for hours every single day.

Each single week, "Destiny 2" has a lot of new challenges, Iron Banner weapons, and purchasable items from Xur.

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Who is Xur?

For those who do not much about the character, Xur is a merchant in "Destiny 2" that appears in a new random location every week on Fridays, according to Express UK.

The things that you can purchase from him change randomly every week as well, which makes it more complicated to deal with this mysterious merchant.

Destiny 2 Xur location

The location for this week is yet to be revealed. You can visit DualShockers at 5 pm GMT or 1 AM EST to check out the merchant's location and the list of purchasable items.

Where was Xur previously?

Last week, Xur appeared in 'Watcher's Grave, Nessus. He brought an Arbalest fusion rifle, Orpheus Rig hunter legs, Lion Rampant titan legs, Aeon Soul warlock chest, Exotic Engram, and Exotic Cipher.

"Destiny 2" is available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. The Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get access to the game's post-launch expansions for free as well, according to GFinityESpots. 

What is Destiny 2?

'Destiny 2' is a free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game that was developed by Bungie. It was originally released as a pay to play game in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows platform.

The video game is free-to-play, utilizing the games as a service model under the title "New Light" on October 1, 2019. It was followed by the game's release on Stadia the following month, and then the PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S platforms in November 2020.

The original "Destiny" has the on-the-fly matchmaking that allowed players to communicate only with other player with whom they were matched by the game.

To communicate with other players in the game world, players had to use their respective console's messaging system.

"Destiny 2" features a more optimal way of matchmaking called "Guided Games," which allows the players to search for clans who may need additional players for activities, like strikes, dungeons or raids.

Like the original video game, activities in "Destiny 2" are divided among player versus environment or PvE and player versus player or PvP game types.

In the original game, the players can improve their characters, referred to as Guardians, by gaining experience points or EXP when a set number of experience points are accumulated, the player's character will level up and gain improved statistics which further enhance performance in battle.

As of the Shadowkeep expansion, this leveling system has since been replaced with the season pass system where players use EXP to rank up, which rewards different items each rank.

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