Skype has been one of the leading video call and instant messaging applications since the early iterations of computer webcams since 2003, but it has been rivaled by the Microsoft Teams during this pandemic for usage. A pop-up message now appears for Skype for Business saying that "Your IMs and calls are going to Microsoft Teams" and there is a way to prevent that from happening.

Microsoft Transfers Skype Notifications to Teams

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NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 01: In this photo illustration, the Skype internet phone program is seen September 1, 2009 in New York City. EBay announced it will sell most of its Skype online phone service to a group of investors for $1.9 billion, a deal that values Skype at $2.75 billion.

Despite hailing from the Microsoft Corporation, both applications have different target markets and applications for their services, and it would be a hassle to have one's notifications on another application. This is a hassle particularly for Skype for Business users as it is a different function and feature for both apps from Microsoft. 

Transferring one application's notifications for instant messaging and calls to another is a major delay in business at it may hinder the owner or user as they attempt to conduct important conference calls online. There are no explanations from Microsoft regarding the feature of transferring one app's notifications to the other, but it surely is another issue that needs to be manually fixed. 

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Skype Tips: Fix 'Your IMs and Calls are going to Microsoft Teams' Pop-up

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Skype conference call noise cancellation

According to The Windows Club, users were plagued with a pop-up message that shows on their notification panel in the Skype for Business application without subscribing to Microsoft Teams. The Redmond giant has not yet revealed why they are doing this, but it would be a different application all-in-all if not reverted to the original settings. 

Fix Skype for Business Issue

  • First, users would need to head to Microsoft Teams' admin settings page (Admin Portal) and login via their Microsoft Account that is linked to their Skype for Business login credentials. It is important that the email used here would be the linked account to disable the settings, otherwise, it would not take effect or change. 
  • Next, toggle Org-wide Settings and Select Teams Upgrade
  • Users would be transported to a new page, and here, they would need to choose "Coexistence mode" to open the different options on notifications and app transferring. 
  • There are three options in the settings, First is the Islands which uses both the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business in the notification of the applications, Second is the Skype for Business Only, and lastly, Legacy which is an exclusive Microsoft Teams use for the conferencing application.
  • In default, it would be toggled to Legacy, where all notifications would head to Microsoft Teams. Choose the most ideal option for one's use, may it be the Islands or Skype for Business only. 

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