Premium openings (doors, windows, skylights) manufacturer Marvin has signed an exclusive agreement with Halio, Inc - developer of the proprietary Halio smart-tinting glass - bringing the revolutionary technology to residential markets.

With the newly inked partnership, homeowners can now avail of the unique glazing solution offered by the Halio smart-tinting glass coming in the high-quality craftsmanship that has been the signature of Marvin doors and windows.

"We are truly committed to well-being at Marvin, focused on providing solutions that support happier and healthier living through maximizing light, air and views in new ways," said company CEO Paul Marvin. "This partnership is the newest in a series of product introductions designed for emerging ways of living. We've long-anticipated a complete smart glass solution for the residential market and Halio, the technology leader in architectural smart glass, is delivering just that. We could not be more excited to partner to bring this advanced technology to architects and building professionals who design for homeowner well-being."

Halio Smart-Tinting Glass - For Windows, Walls, & Skylights
(Photo : Halio, Inc)

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Smart Glass: Doors and Windows of the Future

Halio is known as the technology leader when it comes to architectural smart glass. The company combines the latest in electrochromic technologies with a powerful yet secure and easy-to-integrate cloud-based system, creating a glass that can be cleared or tinted automatically or on command. Equipping itself for a variety of applications, even critical ones, Halio smart glass can achieve its darkest shade in only three minutes. With this, the smart glass is capable of seamlessly smooth transitions, landing in beautiful neutral color in its tinted condition. This allows its users to enjoy controlled temperature and brightness, keeping out excessive heat and glare and maintaining the optimal natural light to liven up every room.

In the new agreement between Halio and Marvin, the new technology will expand its reach - now to include residential applications and the already existing commercial construction applications. Homeowners can now enjoy an added control and accessibility to their smart home as well as helping them realize "a more harmonic connection to the outdoors," with the Halio smart glass an elegant mix of form and function for a clutter-free, controlled lighting experience.

"Halio has spent years developing the world's most responsive, intelligent platform for daylight management. We've realized a solution that integrates all the necessary attributes to finally go mainstream, and now that we have it the smart glass market is at a long-awaited inflection point," said Halio CEO Bruce Sohn in a statement. "Marvin is the perfect partner to collaborate with to develop the high-performing products that will introduce residential consumers to the transformational benefits - comfort, natural light, and gorgeous design - of smart glass for the first time." 

For parties and homeowners interested in the latest news and updates from the recent Marvin and Halio collaboration, they can check out and register at Halio Inc's Marvin Product Website.

About Marvin

A leading manufacturer of made-to-order openings from wood, clad, fiberglass, aluminum, and more, Marvin focuses on its principle of "human-centered design" in each of its products. Its portfolio is filled with designs that respond to its architects and builders' different needs - leveraging light, views, and airflow in spaces where people mostly spend their time.

With over 100 years of industry experience, the family-operated company based in Warroad, MN has built a reputation for craftsmanship and the successful combination of form and function.

About Halio, Inc

Formerly known as Kinestral Technologies, Halio is now known as the developer of the world's most responsive and intelligent platform for daylight management. Its smart glass is the leader in electrochromic technology integrated into its windows, maximizing daylight and optimizing energy savings with reduced solar heat gain and reduced glare.

More information is available on the Halio Official Website, as well as on its YouTube channel.


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