After a busy week in tech last week with the International Consumer Electronics show bringing things like new TVs, home automation and new smartphones, it would be easy to think the week ahead will be a little calm.

Not true. The week ahead is set to see some big news. Here are the top five tech headlines to expect this week.

1. Mercedes to Show New Tech Off in Detroit

Mercedes introduced a new vision for its future at CES this year, showing off new autonomous vehicle technology in a sleek, futuristic looking car. That new technology is now set to be introduced at the Detroit auto show.

While the car is largely focused on autonomous driving technology, it is also aimed at showing how the future car will be more of a portable living space than just a means of transportation.

The company will also be revealing new SUVs and hybrid vehicles.

2. HP to Launch Pavilion Mini

HP is set to launch its new Pavilion Mini computer. The new device includes either an Intel Pentium 3558U processor for the lower-cost version, or a Core i3, which costs around $130 more. Both versions include 4GB of RAM and either 500GB or 1TB of onboard storage.

Both computers include four USB ports and an HDMI port, among others. The real selling point, however, will be the tiny footprint.

The HP Pavilion Mini will be available on Jan. 14 starting at $320.

3. HP to Launch Stream Mini

HP is going to have a busy week this week. In addition to the Pavilion Mini, the PC maker will be launching the Stream Mini, which will feature an Intel Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM and a 32GB solid-state storage drive.

As the name suggests, this computer is aimed more at streaming rather than storing onboard. Users will likely keep most of their files online using something like Google Drive or Dropbox.

As with its more advanced brother, the Stream Mini will include four USB ports and one HDMI port. It will also be available on Jan. 14 and will cost only $180.

4. Google to Announce Project Ara

Google is set to hold an event focused on its Project Ara smartphone on Jan. 14.

The smartphone is very unlike the smartphones in play today. Features are flexible with modules available, allowing a user to swap out things like the camera or the memory. A frame for the phone holds everything together.

The goal is that users will be able to fully customize their own devices, and that phones will last much longer as users can trade in modules for more advanced ones as needed.

5. Cars, Cars, Cars

Hot off the heels of CES, another tech show is set to take place this week in Detroit. This one will be focused specifically on cars.

The event is typically a place for auto makers to show off their latest and greatest cars. As mentioned before, Mercedes will be at the show to show off a car that might exist really far in the future, however the show will also be a place for auto makers to showcase vehicles being released this year.

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