Google Photo users could now fully enjoy using another new video editor deemed to be an improved version of it. Even though it took a month before being released, the application looks promising in the eyes of enthusiasts.

The previous version has posed a lot of capabilities, but there are still lacking features to consider. Now, the users could finally get a good hold of what is coming for them since the service could not anymore provide unlimited storage for the media files like videos and photos.

Let's get to know the amazing features that you should look out for in this latest video editing tool.

Google Photos'New Features For Everyone

Google Photos Gets Newly-Improved Video Editor--More Cropping Options, Audio Removal, Frame Exports and MORE
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According to a report by Android Police, the new Google Photos will have a new set of features including the "Filters" which is currently in development.

In February, Google flashed glimpses of the upcoming video editor so users could have an idea of what it will look like. The following month, the company decided to make the application available to the public, but only for select users.

Furthermore, if you open the app, you could immediately see its features in the videos that you want to edit. Before Google Photos could only rotate, trim, as well as stabilize your videos, but users could now experiment much better.

However, the features that could produce a new movie and merge the clips seem to be lacking for the app. Apart from that, you could also utilize horizon correction, audio removal, individual frame exports, and more options for cropping.

Additionally, you could also make use of color correction options that other photo editors possess such as tint, vignette, contrast, white point, warmth, brightness, skin color, and other related stuff.

If you want to mark up the videos, you can now simply do it through this latest Google Photos version. Other than that, you are more than free to explore its other capabilities through the uploaded videos.

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The Plight with the Google Storage

Android Community reported that what remains to be a problem here is Google storage. Users could expect a massive change in the quality of uploaded photos and videos by Jun. 1, 2021.

This will only mean one thing--a sure subscription that should be done by the users. This could be a monetization technique by the company to only allow its more advanced editing tool for its subscribers, but at the moment it only targets the Pixel devices.

For now, users should continue exploring the features when they are uploading videos since they still have two months to do so. Upon the launch of the update, you could immediately download it on your device, but you could also consider acquiring one through an APK mirror.

We do not know what future updates could Google Photos give in the next months, but we are sure that this newly-developed video editor could be a game-changer in the field of video editing.

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