Google added four exciting new features to Google Photos on Oct. 12. As the app's team details, users can browse through past memories and experiences in three new ways and fix those sideways album photos.

Google Photos is one of, if not the smartest cloud imaging services to date because of its built-in assistant and search technology that helps users instantly create animations, collages and more directly after uploading.

And now, a bevy of cool features will be coming to the app again as the company upgrades its service. These new features aim to help users revisit memories and provide a better experience. The update includes tools to help orient images properly as well as craft animations from the uploaded videos, among other features.

Create GIFs

In the past, Google Photos was only capable of creating a looping animation of a collection of pictures taken on the same date, and turning Live Photos shot with the Apple iPhone 6s and newer phones into GIFs.

The recent update will extend this same support to the videos uploaded.

Google explained that the Google Photos app uses artificial intelligence technology to scoop out video segments that summarize an activity. These can be considerable movements like diving in the pool or even small ones like a shy smile. The app will then create a short animation of a specific moment in the video that you wish to share with family and friends or on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Browse Through Past Memories

As days pass and users continually take pictures with their gadgets, the photo library continues to grow. Such a time will come that it will be difficult to find pictures from specific events, locations or dates.

That's why Google decided to make the Google Photos app able to help users rediscover memories of the people found in their most recent pictures. It's a quick and easy way of revisiting relationships and fondest bonds through the years.

Highlight Recent Stories

Another new feature will make it easier for users to look at the most recent highlights from their pictures.

This could be most suitable for new parents, for example, as the integrated assistant can pop up a Google Photos card occasionally to show the finest photos taken last week or last month. This is ideal for parents who also want to create a curated baby album.

This new feature is basically a different approach Google is adopting to automate the process of generating photo albums. With the large quantity of pictures people are taking, manually organizing them has become a tedious task, making this new feature a useful tool.

Rotate Awry Pictures

Last but definitely not the least is the tweak that could solve a lot of users' pet peeve: pictures with a wrong orientation. The built-in assistant will now pop up a card suggesting which pictures need adjustments, and with a simple tap, all these pictures will be rotated correctly.

The new features are now available in the web version of Google Photos and on the apps for iOS and Android.

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