It's every 80's gamer's dream come true - or nightmare, depending on how you look at it. Photos of a life size Pac-Man maze that was set up in Los Angeles have surfaced, leaving many to hope that it would be opened up for the public to try.

Although there are no current plans to leave the maze up as a temporary paid attraction, it has been revealed that it is part of a set for a new Bud Light commercial which will be aired during the Super Bowl.

According to reports, the Chicago-based ad agencies, which Budweiser hired to conceptualize the ad for them, specialize in experiential commercials and are building upon the Up for Whatever advertising campaign for Bud Light.

The Pac-Man maze will be part of the latest installment currently entitled, Coin.

Although the outcome of the 30-second ad will not be known, even to the production crew, until the filming is completed, the concept for the commercial is to allow Bud Light fans to "unexpectedly experience 'old school fun' after receiving a message on a bottle."

The unsuspecting person who reads the message in the mysterious bottle is supposed to follow some instructions that will lead them to a giant coin which they are supposed to insert into a giant coin slot. From there, the real adventure begins.

The person will enter the giant Pac-Man maze where little white dots, which we suspect the human Pac-Man, must collect. And of course, what would a Pac-Man game be without those annoying neon colored ghosts that chase you around the maze?

The final edit, which will only be revealed during the Super Bowl, will show how all the elements come together. It is reported that the airtime for the 30-second ad during the game cost the company at least 4.5 million dollars.

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