Samsung Launch Event for Galaxy M42 5G on April 28: Budget Smartphone with a 64MP Main Camera and More!
(Photo : Screenshot From Amazon Official Website) Samsung Launch Event for Galaxy M42 5G on April 28: Budget Smartphone with a 64MP Main Camera and More!

While budget smartphones have seen to be getting scarcer due to the whole global semiconductor shortage making smartphone manufacturers focus on more high-powered smartphones, Samsung has just announced a budget smartphone with interesting specs.

Samsung is expected to punch out some cheap smartphones some time soon focusing on those budget smartphone buyers that don't want to overspend on their mobile phone.

Samsung Budget Smartphone 2021

The next Samsung budget smartphone that is expected to hit the shelves this coming month is the Samsung Galaxy M42 5G smartphone which might actually be one of the best budget 5G phones in 2021, according to the story by PhoneArena. This phone is expected to launch along with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A32 5G phones which will be yet another very appealing affordable 5G smartphone.

As of the moment, what potential buyers know about the price of this smartphone is what is seen on the Amazon India page noting that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy M42 5G budget smartphone will be making its debut in the Market this upcoming April 28. Although the retailer has not yet revealed the smartphone's prices, rumor has it that the upcoming budget smartphone by Samsung will be sold at $300.

Affordable Smartphone 2021

Aside from what the name suggests which is 5G support, the upcoming Samsung smartphone is also expected to roll out some other solid features. If the phone does sell at just $300, the specs mentioned so far can be quite reasonable for its price.

Samsung Galaxy M42 Specs

As of the moment, these are the specs known about the upcoming budget smartphone but things could change depending on the official announcement of the budget smartphone expected to come soon. The official launch event will be revealing the final specs of the budget smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy M42.

  • Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G chipset
  • Camera - the budget smartphone is expected to have a massive 63MP main camera
  • Battery - the budget smartphone is also expected to come out with a pretty solid battery at 6,000 mAh (this information has yet to be confirmed.
  • Display - the budget Samsung smartphone is expected to support an AMOLED display.

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Galaxy M42 5G launch event

As of the moment, there is still very little known about the smartphone and interested buyers have to wait for the official launch event in order to really know the final Galaxy M42 5G specs. Of course, one thing is for sure, the phone will support 5G as its name suggests.

Interested buyers will only have to wait a few more days until the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy M42 5G budget smartphone. Information like how much RAM or memory will the smartphone support is still a mystery as of the moment but buyers can expect a clearer list of the specs this coming April 28 on the official Galaxy M42 5G launch event.

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