By the looks of an electric ferry, we could assume that we are living in a futuristic world. Luckily, this is the reality that we are now seeing together with Regent, a startup based in Boston that is currently working on its "sea glider" which could cater to up to 10 passengers on the board.

Regent Makes Real-Life Flying Electric Ferry 

Regent is Now Developing Electric Ferry for 2025—'Sea Glider' Could Reach up to 180 Mph
(Photo : REGENT)

We could only watch a flying ferry in our favorite cartoon shows like the possessed ghost ship of the Flying Dutchman from "Spongebob Squarepants." This time, we are near to seeing a state-of-the-art creation by Regent.

As early as 2025, the company said that it will launch the future of travel which seems impossible to grasp. It's 100% electric so it will not harm the environment on a huge scale.

On Tuesday, Apr. 20, CEO Billy Thalheimer and CTO Michael Klinker spoke to CNBC about their work on electric ferry development.

The two co-founders said that the plane is guaranteed to be an emission-free vehicle. Its journey will start from the harbor on a hydrofoil, then later fly higher up above the water which could reach a whopping speed of up to 180 miles per hour.

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With its unmatchable speed in the water, it is indeed a faster alternative compared to the traditional ferries that are currently traveling in the open.

Moreover, the co-founders also shared that the creation is intended to serve the passengers between Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as between New York and Boston.

They also considered short pathways which lead to places like the Hamptons and New York City. The islands of Hawaii are also covered by the trips rendered by the electric ferry.

Regent's Electric Ferry Needs Charging Stations

Since it is fully operated and powered by electricity, there is a need for the flying electric ferry to have few charging facilities nearby. Digital Trends reported that the present harbors could be the home of the new aircraft. This will also avoid constructing new ports in the process.

While it is still under development, Regent already gathers sufficient support from other prominent tycoons including Peter Thiel and Mark Cuban. Caffeinated Capital, which has supported Boom, a supersonic jet startup has also caught its attention.

Regent claimed that its aircraft will feature an authentic design that is in line with the "sea" theme. It could still encounter several obstacles along its way before its set launch.

Several startups plan to venture into building a flying taxi space with electricity-generated aircraft. This is a challenge for Regent, as they aim to create similar vehicles which are unusual but useful and durable enough to ride despite erratic weather conditions.

Before 2021 ends, Regent is expected to conduct its first test flight for the electric ferry. Indeed, the startup is headed to its present goal of building a 15-foot wingspan, prototype aircraft that will change the future of travel.

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