Do you know that there is now a new nose app to help you find your lost dogs? You can now see find your dog through the NoseID app which uses state-of-the-art nose-recognition technology.

IAMS Creates NoseID App For Lost Dogs

New Dog Nose App Could Now Reunite Lost Dogs to Their Owners: Features, Availability and MORE
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Finding a missing dog can be a tedious task for an owner. It would take more than asking the authorities to seek a lost dog. Your nightmares in finding your pets will now be much easier and more convenient thanks to this mobile app created by IAMS.

In line with the National Pet ID Week, the arrival seems timely for those owners who have a hard time looking for their precious canines. Every year, the United States has a reported number of about 10 million pets that are either stolen or lost.

To prevent more cases linked to lost dogs, IAMS decided to step up its pet branding and develop the NOSEID app. At the moment, the application is only for beta users.

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NoseID App Availability

According to the app's description in Google PlayStore, it is currently not available for the public. Presently, those who reside in Nashville are the ones allowed to test the app.

However, if you are not a resident of the said city in Tennessee, you can regularly watch for its updates so by the time it starts rolling out, you can now download and use NoseID on your smartphones or other devices.

NoseID App Features

According to a report by People on Wednesday, Apr. 21, the dog nose app is a useful tool in locating the lost animals. Through the nose print of your furry pets, their features can now be recognized by the app.

The method works like a human fingerprint, where a scanner detects if the details match with the person. Moreover, what IAMS developed is a great way that will not harm the animals in the process.

Once you are already done creating a dog account' you can customize your dog ID. You can also add photos and other important details like its name, breed, age, gender, height, weight, and other characteristics

IAMS knows that it is somehow time-consuming and stressful to find a lost dog that's why its NOSEID will make you faster and less stressful thanks to its one-of-a-kind scanning technology.

If you are aware of installing a microchip to your dog's collar, this nose app is no different from it. Through this chip, you can detect the movement of your dog, you can immediately go to its location. You can also get in touch with others so they quickly report if they see your dog.

At the time of writing, the app size is only 24 MB. Since the location is only available in one city at the moment, the downloads in the app store are still few.

To run this app, you need to have an Android iOS version 4.4 or above. On the other hand, iOS users could download this app at 103.9 MB. However, make sure that your iPhone, iPad, macOS, and iPod touch is updated to version 11.0 or later.

"Pets are irreplaceable family members, and with the NOSEiD app, we're hoping to help keep more pets in their loving homes and out of shelters - taking another step toward our goal of ending pet homelessness," Mars Petcare Marketing VP, Craig Neely said in a statement, Yahoo reported.

Neely added that the app will both be useful for those who have dogs or not, since they could partake in the campaign of the NOSEID community to return more lost dogs to their owners.

To know more about this application, visit IAMS.

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