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Supermoon 2021: Strawberry Moon for June
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April is coming to an end, but it would not go out without a bang as its last Full Moon is set to appear, marking the first "Supermoon" of 2021 that is believed to have a pinkish hue from the Sun. The phenomenon may not be limited to see, but it surely is something that can be enjoyed by stargazers as it brings a different shade to see.

(Photo : Screenshot from: Live Science Official Website)

The Full Moon is something that people enjoy seeing, especially as it is fairly easy to spot an object in the skies, and it can provide different sensations and interpretations for people to watch. What is special about the Moon is that people can enjoy looking at it, even in its full glory, and not suffer any eye strains compared to the Sun. 

A lunar space station would be something to marvel at in the coming years, as China and Russia's venture are set to unfold in the coming years, but for now, it is best to enjoy a peculiar look for the Moon. The different seasons and periods has this effect on the coloration and is usually during this time of April Spring where it appears for people to see. 

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NASA: Pink Supermoon in April

May comet SWAN supermoon Eta Aquariids meteor shower
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According to NASA, the appropriate name for the Pink Supermoon of 2021 is the "creeping phlox" that took its name from the herb moss pink which is also the most widespread flower during the Spring season. This particular pink moon can also be called Sprouting Grass Moon, Fish Moon, or the Egg Moon, which is a superb sight to see. 

More importantly, April's Supermoon would be the first of the only two Supermoons this year, and the next one would be on the following month of May. To have these Supermoon be this close to each other is an enormous opportunity to get to see the lunar object up close and personal, despite not using any equipment like a telescope or binoculars.

However, it is still recommended to use these as they would give stargazers a better chance to see the full features of the lunar surface, along with its glowing pink hue which comes from the Sun's light. 

How to Watch April's Supermoon 2021

The schedule of the April Supermoon 2021 is extensive and would give users a chance to see the Moon for a long time, starting from Sunday evening, April 25, until Wednesday, April 28. However, to see the absolute peak for this experience, it would be on April 26, Monday night, at 8:31 PM Pacific Time (11:31 PM EST).

The absolute peak of the Supermoon is where the Sun would be facing the Moon directly, and its light would be absorbed by the lunar surface and provide the pink hue and aura awaited by the public. 

Virtual Telescope would also provide a live stream of the April Supermoon 2021's peak on Monday night via their WebTV.

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