Xbox Series X restocks have been long overdue and buyers are still waiting for a possible supply update. This week, we could see some changes about it through Matt Swider, a popular insider tracker of Xbox Series X on Twitter.

Xbox Series X Restock Overview

Xbox Series X Restock April 26 Update: Microsoft, Amazon, GameStop and MORE
(Photo : Xbox Series X|S Stock Alerts ( @XboxStockAlerts) from Twitter)

We have witnessed that the recent restocks have pointed out to over 15,000 Xbox Series X purchases. However, Swider reminds those who want to buy to be quicker this time as supplies could only last short.

Take note of these stores that you should prioritize when it comes to checking the restocks Walmart, Greatest Purchase, and Goal.

Regularly visit Matt Swider's account so you could receive up-to-date reports about the Xbox X series. You can also check the most recent news about PS5 restock on our site.

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Greatest Purchase Xbox Series X restock

Xbox Series X restocks could drop by Friday, Apr. 30 on Greatest Purchase, as per Swider. It's been more than a month before the store has released another supply for the gaming console. This week, we will check it.

The usual time of checking is 12 PM EDT, 11 AM CDT, 9 AM, PDT, and 10 AM MDT. However, you could also spot the restocks later at 3 PM EDT but it is always better to check them earlier than the assumed time.

Antonline Xbox Series X restock

There's a chance that Antonline could release new PS5 supplies this week. The last time that Swider updated about its restock was on Apr.7. We could hope for another shot so we could immediately purchase the consoles

Walmart Xbox Series X restock 

There is a prediction that the restocks on Walmart will be on Thursday, Apr.29. It was on Apr. 15 when the shop last had its Xbox restock.

What Swider found out is the normal time of spotting Xbox replenishment at 2:30 PM EDT or 11:30 AM PDT. If you receive an alert from Walmart, that could be it but just be faster in clicking this time.

Goal Xbox Series X restock 

Goal probably has plans for a restock this week, but it is also possible that they are only storing them to be used for the next week. It was more than six weeks ago when Goal dropped Xbox for the buyers.

From Jake Randall, a prominent leaker, the Xbox Sequence X restock will be dropping this Monday, Apr. 26.

Amazon Xbox Series X restock

Regularly checking the Amazon site is a great headstart when looking at restocks at this store. In the last minutes during the last restock, the alerts kept on popping.

It appears that the restocks are continuous. There's a tip that you should try and all you have to do is to include the "bought out" Xbox to the checklist and add it to your cart.

If a new restock comes, you can immediately purchase it so there's no need anymore to scroll over the site.

GameStop Xbox Series X restock

There is a potential that GameStop could reveal some restocks this week. For those who are either finding a good deal for an Xbox or its bundle, this is a perfect place to start your pursuit to the next-gen console.

Microsoft Xbox Series X restock 

The official Xbox retailer of Microsoft has been storing the consoles randomly in a week. In an instance, you could see a flash sale for a minute. This is a quick promotion that should last for a few seconds.

You can also follow the restock trackers on Twitter. Another tip that you could apply is refreshing the page since some buyers cancel their orders. It's only a matter of some minutes before you make your next purchase.

Costco Xbox Series X restock

Best Gaming Pro reported that Costco's restocks on Xbox are unpredictable like the ones in Newegg. Over time, the console can be spotted on weekdays as late as 1 AM EDT.

However, you need to be a member to access Costco. This week, it is likely that the Xbox restock on this store will be seen again. The last restock appeared last Apr. 13.

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