BarxBuddy Can Train Even The Most Stubborn Dog
(Photo : BarxBuddy Can Train Even The Most Stubborn Dog)

There are few things as frustrating in this world than attempting to train a dog. Though there is no replacing a good and loyal furry friend, there is nothing as annoying as a dog who will not stop barking at the squirrels in the back yard or chewing everything in sight.

Based on the BarxBuddy reviews of the humane training device for the most unruly dog, there is still hope for even the most rambunctious dog.

If you feel that you tried every solution with no change and are at your wit's end, do not give up yet. BarxBuddy may be just the solution you have been searching to find. Keep reading this BarxBuddy review to know more about it.

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What is BarxBuddy?

BarxBuddy is the next step of in-home training for dog owners. BarxBuddy puts out an ultrasonic tone designed to redirect the attention of your pet even in their most worked upstate.

By grabbing the attention of a dog, it can redirect them and calm them back down. BarxBuddy reviews mention the sound that is put out not only doesn't harm but also focuses on the tone. By doing so, they can calm down.

If your furry companion is excessively barking, digging, fighting, jumping, or anything else, BarxBuddy may be the solution for you.

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How does BarxBuddy work?

BarxBuddy emits an ultrasonic tone that is entirely harmless for your dog. With the high-pitched tone that only animals' ears are sensitive enough to hear, the BarxBuddy will redirect the canine's focus from whatever unwanted behavior they are participating in and will let you refocus them on obedience.

For added device grabbing features, the BarxBuddy has not only its high-pitched, ultrasonic tone but also is equipped with infrared and LED lights for capturing your dog's attention. BarxBuddy reviews confirm these features are proven training aids to help with even the most stubborn dogs' behavioral issues.

When dogs engage in unwanted behavior, point the BarxBuddy at the dog, and press on. Though you cannot hear it, the high-pitched tone will begin emitting immediately. Some BarxBuddy reviews suggest keeping the button pressed as they stop what they are doing to focus on the sound will help to accomplish better results. Once they have refocused and calmed down, release the button to stop the sound.

Remember to include a required for their behavior stopping at the tone. Once they have calmed and you have released the button, be sure to give them praise and a training treat to encourage the desired behavior.

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Does BarxBuddy really work?

Yes, BarxBuddy does work. With the methods used on the device, they are optimized to help the dogs train because of the high-pitched tones tuned to a dog's ear. Getting their attention is a huge part of starting to train a dog.

This method works because distracting a dog from their present lousy action is a massive part of redirection training. Dogs get very intent on whatever it is they are doing. To train them to act the way you want them to is, of course, to stop the bad behavior.

Once you have gotten them to stop, positive reinforcement is the next step. As much as you have positive reinforcement with the treats, the buzzing's negative reinforcement is the first step.

With these two actions used consistently in conjunction with each other, you can guarantee that your dog will be acting correctly in no time. All the BarxBuddy reviews confirm they have experienced great results after a short period of time using it for training purposes.

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Is it safe to use BarxBuddy?

Yes, BarxBuddy is utterly safe for both you and your dog. The high-pitched tone and laser lights are sure to distract your dog without causing them any injuries.

Though the tone is at a high enough pitch to get your dog's attention and bring them to focus on it, it will not hurt them. This is a complexly humane and appropriate way to help you with training your dog at home. Some Barxbuddy reviews mention they have even been using it at dog training programs and they have experienced very positive results.

Who should buy a BarxBuddy?

Anyone who has any concerns with the behavior of their canine pets. If you have a dog that you can not get to stop barking, you know that there is often a time when you are dragged to wit's end. The constant barking at a leaf falling three blocks over, especially with so many of us now working from home.

If you have a chewer or an inappropriate digger, there are few ways to train your dog humanely, and short of having a trainer come into your home for a lot of hours and a lot of money.

To change the behavior, you have to stop and redirect at the moment. There is simply no training class for so many dog training issues that can help you with that.

If you do not have a dog, that does not mean the BarxBuddy can't be useful to you. If you have any aggressive animals within your neighborhood, you may want to look into a BarxBuddy. Some BarxBuddy reviews state the device has helped them to stave off animals that are not being adequately confined.

Perhaps you are a jogger or have a driveway that involves walking any distance and are scared of the raccoons that love your garbage can or have stray dogs that chase after you, be sure to have a BarxBuddy with you. Their tone can deter any ferocious or aggressive animal that may be lurking in your neighborhood.

Who should buy a BarxBuddy?

Why Is BarxBuddy better than other options?

In-person training is not only costly but incredibly time-consuming. If you are thinking of only going to an obedience school, realize that it is often once a week and costs upwards of $100 to $600 for the experience, depending on what class you are doing.

If you have a situation where you are desperate, you could spend up to $1,250 a week for a doggy boot camp, where you have to send your dog away to correct the behavior you are working towards changing.

The BarxBuddy can save you money and time, allowing top-level training right from the comfort of your own home. The BarxBuddy is user-friendly, easy, and fits easily into your pocket. The lights and sound used are ultrasonic technology that will cause harm to your animal while still being effective.

There are even two different settings on the BarxBuddy, a training level and a higher, more robust level for an aggressive dog.

I've also tried other similar dog barking repellents and the dog bark collars they sell at Petco and PetSmart, but none of them have worked.  

Where can I buy BarxBuddy?

The BarxBuddy can only be purchased at the official BarxBuddy website.There is currently a great promotion going on, offering you 50% off the BarxBuddy with a happiness guarantee - or get a full refund.

If you are wondering what some real customers have to say, here are just some BarxBuddy reviews from their site.

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See some of the highlighted BarxBuddy reviews here: 

"We purchased the device a couple of weeks ago. The dogs no longer bark at any and everything, even the mailman. Now they don't bark, we don't yell, and home is again peaceful and quiet. I recommend this product to all dog owners. Thank you!!!!" -Jennifer B

"I bought the Barxbuddy as I had run out of ideas on how to keep my recently adopted rescue dog to keep quiet while riding in the car. I feared we wouldn't be able to have  the dog along on trips. After two goes on the training setting with the BarxBuddy, he stopped and just rode along watching the scenery. The difference is amazing, and now we can't wait to road trip with the pup. Thank You So Much!" -Joyce R

"Started working from home during the COVID-19 crisis and couldn't get through a single conference call without my 3-year-old Labrador barking at everything. There was a deep fear that he would break through the windows to get at the mail-carrier. After just a week, Barxbuddy has calmed him. I'm going to try the BarxBuddy to help train with other issue areas." -Kathleen D.

Where can I buy BarxBuddy?

BarxBuddy FAQs

Is BarxBuddy dangerous for my pet? Not in the slightest. BarxBuddy is entirely safe for your pets and is also completely safe for you and all of your family - furry or non-furry.

What is its max output range? The BarxBuddy is effective at varying ranges. However, for maximum effectiveness, be around thirty feet from the dog, you are attempting to train.

What if BarxBuddy is not right for my dog and me? Of course, if you have purchased the BarxBuddy and discovered that it is not the right solution for you and your canine, there is a moneyback guarantee. BarxBuddy offers a complete moneyback guarantee within the first 30 days after purchase.

Final Verdict

Overall, the BarxBuddy is a fantastic training tool for you when it comes to helping you and your family have the dog in your family act in a way that is best for your household. With their money-back guarantee, you are already getting more security than most training courses will offer you.

With its low price and a money-back guarantee, there is no excuse not to try this high-tech training device from the comfort of your own home. There is limited stock and the BarxBuddy is always in high demand, so be sure to give it a try sooner rather than later.

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