Best Buy Xbox Series X Restock: No More Pickup Available?
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Ever since the launch of the Xbox Series X, it's been a battle against scalpers and resellers versus actual gamers who just want to play the new console. As the war wages on, the Xbox Series X restock is really difficult to find. The console has become extremely hard to purchase especially since it's a battle of man vs bots.

Xbox Series X Restock Today

While major online retailers are most likely to have the Xbox Series X online stock, the problem is now in the competition. Aside from bots, other hungry gamers are all trying to buy for themselves a console as well. Generally, it would be better for resellers to purchase from a nearby store in order to pick up the console. However, picking up the console could change.

An Xbox Series X restock tracker on Twitter by the name of Xbox Series X|S Stock Alerts @XboxStockAlerts noted that there was a new Xbox Series X stock online available. While the replies to this update quickly showed how some gamers were really close to buying the console, one particular commenter noted that pick up for the console was now unavailable.

Xbox Series X For Sale: No Pickup?

According to Peter Stay 6 Ft Away From Me Mayer @petermayer808, once he put down the was able to put an order in his cart, the website then told him that pick up was no longer available for his store. Although as of the moment, it is still a bit unclear as to whether or not it is only for his store, users might want to be more flexible and be okay with buying the Xbox Series X restock without the option of pickup.

With consoles being extremely hard to buy as of the moment, gamers might have to settle for bundles since they have become more common. It is important, however, to gauge which bundles are worth it since some bundles actually cost more than that which gamers can buy from scalpers themselves.

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Buying the Xbox Series X Restock Online

With the global chip shortage at hand and next generation consoles being extremely difficult to purchase, gamers are now left with little to no choice but to either try their luck and buy the Xbox Series X stock from scalpers or basically wait and compete for the Xbox Series X online restock. While buying from scalpers might cost extra, the prices vary and some resellers are actually selling no longer that high in comparison to when the console first came out.

With the global chip shortage expected to last for the next couple of years, buying the Xbox Series X restock or PS5 restock might still be a battle for the everyday gamer trying to purchase the console for themselves. The best thing that gamers can do right now is to either compete with each other or pay a little extra to instantly buy from those scalpers.

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