Justin Jefferson is the first American Football player to get a skin in the "Fortnite" NFL collaboration and would be fitted with an appropriate emote called "Get Griddy" to celebrate the player's soon-arrival in-game. While there were NFL team outfits and skins via the battle royale before, never was it done in "Fortnite" history to bring a football player in the game.

This comes after the popular Paris Saint-Germain Forward and professional soccer (football) player Neymar Jr., also gets his skin debut for the battle royale game. Neymar Jr. is also known for being a celebrated gamer for different action shooting games like "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive," after he demonstrated his pistol skills via Twitch streams.

While this season (Chapter 2, Season 6) would focus on the "biggest Fortnite" crossover there would be with the Zero Point Crisis theme, it has been releasing two subsequent professional athletes in the process. While there is not much explanation about Zero Crisis becoming an all-star sporting event, players are in for a treat as these skins are known to come with exciting missions to accomplish.

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Justin Jefferson Gets a 'Fortnite' Skin and Get Griddy Emote

Fortnite NFL Justin Jefferson Skin
(Photo : Fortnite )
Fortnite releases the Justin Jefferson skin with the "Get Griddy" emote ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft. It is the first NFL Player Skin to be introduced in game, featuring a Locker Bundle with a variety of accessories.

According to Epic Games' announcement, the popular Vikings wide receiver and his popular "Get Griddy" emote while celebrating his achievements on the field will make a debut in "Fortnite" in a few days. "Fortnite" also regarded that it would have a special skin with it as part of its Locker Bundle, featuring the "Hit Man" Outfit, back blings, two emotes, weapon wraps, and more.

Jefferson has been drafted by the Minnesota Vikings on the First Round of the 2020 NFL Draft, joining the team in the same year, and has brought a lot of recognition for them since his arrival. Jefferson also became the NFL's first rookie to receive from a massive 1,400 yard-line, making him one of the most celebrated newbies of the season.

"Fortnite" is capturing Justin Jefferson's iconic celebration dances with both the "Get Griddy" dance and "Signature Shuffle" which he performs whenever securing a touchdown for the team. According to the Vikings, Jefferson was known to be playing "Fortnite" since its formative years in 2017 and has been a fan ever since.

When is Justin Jefferson's Fortnite NFL Skin Releasing?

The release date for the "Fornite" NFL collaboration that gave birth to the Minnesota Vikings' wide receiver, Justin Jefferson, getting an honorary skin would be on Wednesday, April 28. The iconic emote and Locker Bundle of the skin would also bring new content and offers from the game, as it marks the arrival of the first NFL player skin in the battle royale.

The skin was made ahead of the National Football League's 2021 Draft event, which "Fortnite" celebrates and commemorates alongside the league.


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