A "metaverse" is coming and it would be from Epic Games, particularly after it has completed its round of funding and successfully raised $1 billion for the project, which includes the $200 million help from Sony. While open-world games have been the closest thing to a metaverse, Epic Games is looking more into incorporating reality in the digital world.

Epic Games Metaverse
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Epic Games has been one of the most celebrated developers and publisher in recent years, after the success of its different games like "Fortnite," "Rocket League," "Fall Guys," and its Unreal Engine computer software. "Fortnite" has iconically integrated real-life events and figures like concerts and artists which have been part of its digital community.

The next step for Epic Games is its plans to release a "metaverse" which would be integrating more than its games, the open space, internet, and the different types of digital reality like Augmented and Virtual (AR and VR). The virtual shared space would be capturing the next-generation experience which was seen originally seen in sci-fi novels and films like "Ready Player One."

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Epic Games' Metaverse Funding

According to Venture Beat, Epic Games has recently had a successful round of funding, raising a sum of $1 billion for its proposed digital reality world, which was supported by a handful of interested backers. One of Epic Games' shareholders is the Japanese technology conglomerate, Sony, which has added $200 million to this venture alone.

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The close relations between Epic Games and Sony go way back, and it shows that both companies support each other in the venture, especially as both's games are available on each other's platforms (PlayStation and Epic Games Store via PC).

Epic Games Metaverse: What Would It Be?

BAFTA Presents Special Award to Epic Games
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Tim Sweeny speaks during BAFTA Presents Special Award to Epic Games at The London on June 12, 2019 in West Hollywood, California.

Currently, the $1 billion funding for Epic Games' metaverse has pushed the company's valuation at $28.7 billion in total, with CEO Tim Sweeney saying that it would be a connected experience for the company's games. Sweeney's statement suggests the interconnections of all of its games in a single metaverse, and would not debut a separate or new platform for it.

The metaverse idea of connecting all of Epic Games' titles is an ingenious way of integrating one game after the other, becoming the common ground for all games, each player with their avatars. This highly resembles "Ready Player One's" OASIS metaverse, which is a digital, virtual, and augmented reality that leads to different online platforms.

Epic Games has currently released updated version 16.20 for "Fortnite" which has brought a downtime on its servers to bring new content for the game. Different products of Epic would continue to be developed alongside this supposed "metaverse" which the company has not mentioned much about, including its faulty mobile platform application.

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