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Viking Cat Skulls Prove That Cats Grew Larger Over Time

Viking cat skulls show that cats from the Viking times actually got bigger compared to cats from modern times. Since then, the felines have grown by 16 percent.

Animals December 15, 2018

36,000 Computer Simulations Show That Vikings May Have Used Crystals To Navigate The Atlantic

Vikings may have been able to make the journey across the Atlantic Ocean by using crystals called sunstones. Before compasses, they used devices called sun compasses that relied on shadows. Unfortunately, they didn't work on cloudy days.

Ancient April 4, 2018

Over 2,000 Artifacts Recovered From Norway's Melting Glaciers

Artifacts that were hidden for thousands of years are being recovered from Norway's melting glaciers. What can these items reveal about human activity in the past?

Ancient January 27, 2018

DNA Confirms Female Viking Warrior Buried In Sweden Grave

DNA tests offer the first evidence that female Viking warriors did exist. The Viking warrior buried in a Sweden grave was a high-ranking officer with knowledge of tactics and strategy.

Ancient September 11, 2017

Cats Sailed With Vikings During Sea Voyages, Ancient Feline DNA Reveals

Cats spread in two waves, analyses of ancient feline DNA show. The second wave involved seafaring people, which included Vikings, who may have brought the animals during long voyages at sea.

Animals September 24, 2016

Oldest Living Tree Growing In Europe Was A Seedling When Vikings Sailed The Seas

A Bosnian pine tree growing in Greece is at least 1,075 years old, analysis of the growth rings revealed. Europe's oldest tree has already sprouted when the Vikings were still sailing the seas.

Earth/Environment August 21, 2016

Viking Gold Discovery In Denmark: Amateur Archaeologists Find Largest Trove Of Treasure Ever

A trio of amateur archaelogists uncovered the largest treasure trove of Viking gold ever found in Denmark. The treasure will be displayed at a local museum.

Ancient June 18, 2016

Newly Discovered Viking Site In Canada May Rewrite History

The newly discovered site of possible Vikings settlement in Canada may rewrite history. As per space satellite images, Point Rosee in Newfoundland may possibly be part of unwritten history and experts are set to dig more into that.

Animals April 3, 2016

How Did Space Archeologists Spot The Second Viking Colony In North America Using Satellite Imagery?

Archeologists have discovered an ancient Norse settlement in a peninsula in Canada known as Point Rosee. What could this evidence prove about the Vikings' activity in the New World?

April 2, 2016

Space Archeologists Find Evidence Of New Viking Site In North America

Using satellite images, a team of space archeologists finds new evidence of a new Viking site in North America. When confirmed, the discovery can open coastal Canada and other areas for a new era of research.

April 1, 2016

This Drink Of The Vikings And Gods May Have Been An Ancient Antibiotic

The Vikings may have had one secret to their strength and longevity in the ancient world: mead. The sweet drink created from honey may have billions of antibacterial microbes that help stave off infections and boost immunity.

Life February 20, 2016

Climate Change Didn't Cause Disappearance Of Vikings From Greenland, Study Says

Research throws doubt on belief warm climate allowed Viking to settle in Greenland and then colder climate drove them out. Analysis suggests climate was the same at the beginning and at the end of the settlement period.

Earth/Environment December 8, 2015

Melting Glaciers Reveal Stone Age Artifacts

As glaciers retreat with warming, evidence of ancient peoples is revealed. Artifacts are evidence of daily life 7,000 years ago.

Animals January 20, 2015

Foreign Conquests for Vikings Were More Like Romantic Getaways. Here's Proof

Contrary to the notion that Viking invasions were waged entirely by men, a recent study shows Viking women also joined in these journeys to foreign lands.

December 10, 2014

Viking Warriors Accompanied by Women in Conquests, DNA Study Suggests

Viking warriors were accompanied by women in their conquests, reveals a DNA analysis. Viking women were an important part of the colonization effort.

December 9, 2014

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