Pfizer CEO said that we could see a potential pill to COVID-19 by the end of 2021. The pill is known to be a treatment for the virus during its early stage.

Moreover, the pill is taken for oral use, and it works as an antiviral medicine for the regular variant. as well as the other types of coronavirus. It hinders the virus to reproduce inside the human body.

What's This Game-Changing Pill That Can be Used to Combat Coronavirus?

Pfizer CEO Says COVID-19 Oral Pill Could Arrive At the End of 2021--An End for Treatment Paradigm?
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9News reported that earlier in March, the drug had undergone a Phase one trial. Additionally, Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer informed CNBC that he hopes for the pill to be available at the end of the year.

The drug named PF-07321332 could be a game-changer to the war against COVID-19. Bourla said that there's no need anymore for a person to head to the hospital to seek coronavirus treatment. 

Furthermore, Bourla stated that fighting different coronavirus variants, it could pose a much more effective result compared to the previous medications.

Currently, remdesivir remains as a lone drug that is confirmed to be an effective treatment for the virus. However, like many vaccines and other treatments, it has many side effects which could range from mild to severe.

For those patients who are staying at the hospital, remdesivir can only be given via intravenous injection.

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What the Phase One Tells About PF-07321332 

Earlier, the Pfizer CEO said that a third COVID-19 shot could come this year. Now, the company has expanded what they can do to slow down the ever-growing disease.

What prevents the virus from duplicating in a person's cellular system is the special composition present in the PF-07321332. An enzyme bind also happens which is beneficial to hinder the spread of coronavirus.

On the initial trials, phase one has covered a study with healthy adults. This leads to the in-vitro studies which tackle the potential of the drug to be a "protease inhibitor."

"We have designed PF-07321332 as a potential oral therapy that could be prescribed at the first sign of infection, without requiring that patients are hospitalized or in critical care," Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer Mikael Dolsten said.

Dolsten continued that at the time, this antiviral pill that is taken intravenously will be a possible option for the COVID-19 patients who want to seek a new type of treatment.

He also praised that the remdesivir and the PF-07321332 could hint a significant contribution to establish an end-to-end  "treatment paradigm." However, the presence of Pfizer's pill might exhibit some redundancy since they have already developed a powerful vaccine to prevent COVID-19.

Currently, 89 countries are reported to be using the Pfizer vaccine. In the United States alone, over 121 million doses of the vaccine had already been distributed in the past months.

Now with the coming of a pill against COVID-19, the company has strengthened its campaign in combating the virus. Both the drug and the vaccine complement one another for a unified goal of gradually protecting the individuals globally.

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