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20 Years After Viagra, Pfizer To Develop Another Miracle Drug Amid Budget Cuts

Pfizer announced its plan to manufacture another miracle drug like Viagra to boost sales and hopefully make its way out of financial constraints. This year, the company slashed off its R&D budget, way lower than its rivals, Merck and J&J.

Medicine April 1, 2018

American Tourist Who Overdosed On Viagra Walks Naked, Throws Poo In Thai Airport

A 27-year-old New Yorker went on a rampage in Phuket International Airport. While high on Viagra, he screamed at scared onlookers and even threw his own feces at airport staff.

Medicine January 9, 2018

Pfizer Fined $107M for 2,600 Percent Price Hike On Epilepsy Drug Phenytoin Sodium

Britain's Competition and Markets Authority slapped pharmaceutical company Pfizer with a fine equivalent to about $107 million for hiking the price of phenytoin sodium capsules. The epilepsy drug is used by about 48,000 patients in the UK.

Public Health December 8, 2016

Arthritis Drug Celebrex Is Safe For Heart Health: Study

A new study has found that Pfizer Inc.'s arthritis drug Celebrex poses no higher danger to heart health when compared to its rivals, Ibuprofen and Naproxen. The findings challenge the common belief that the rival drugs provide superior cardiovascular health safety, researchers said.

Medicine November 13, 2016

Pfizer Expands Humanitarian Assistance Program, Drops Price For Pneumonia Vaccine Prevnar 13

Pfizer is expanding its humanitarian assistance program by making the pneumococcal vaccine Prevnar 13 more reachable for humanitarian groups. The initiative follows company policy for emergency settings and for people in developing countries.

Public Health November 11, 2016

Mega Biotech Deal: Pfizer Acquiring Medivation For $14 Billion

Pfizer Inc. has agreed to take over biopharmaceutical company Medivation Inc. for a whopping $14 billion. The deal gives an impetus to Pfizer’s oncology-oriented ambitions.

Business Tech August 22, 2016

FDA Expands Use Of Pfizer Pneumonia Vaccine Prevnar

The FDA has expanded the use of Pfizer's pneumonia vaccine Prevnar. It can now be used by infants, young children and adults between 18 and 49 years old.

Medicine July 12, 2016

Pfizer Wants Out Of Execution Chamber, Tightens Policy On Use Of Drugs In Lethal Injection

Pfizer is taking a stand against lethal injections. The global pharmaceuticals company is taking measures to keep its drugs from being used in executions.

Business Tech May 14, 2016

Pfizer Kills $160 Billion Deal With Allergan Amid Crackdown On Corporate Inversions

The multibillion dollar deal between Pfizer and Allergan is off the table. The new corporate inversion rules of the IRS and the Treasury Department may have a hand on it.

Deals April 6, 2016

India Bans More Than 300 Combination Drugs

India's Health Ministry banned more than 300 combination drugs currently sold in the market. The officials said these drugs have no therapeutic justifications, and thus will be prohibited within a few days.

Life March 15, 2016

Pfizer Recalls Advil Products For Children Over Inconsistent Dosing Risk

Health Canada alerted consumers and healthcare providers about Pfizer's voluntary recall of 126 lots of Advil products for infants and children. Ibuprofen clumps can form inside the bottle and can lead to dosage inconsistencies if the products are not shaken well prior to usage.

Life February 15, 2016

FDA Advisory Panel Recommends Approval Of Remicade Knockoff

An FDA advisory panel approved a knockoff arthritis drug called Remsima from Pfizer Inc. and Celltrion Inc. The drug is the biosimilar version of Amgen's Remicade, which has brought billions of profits for the company.

Life February 10, 2016

Pfizer-Allergan Merger Raises Outcry Over Tax Issues

The Pfizer-Allergan deal has caused politicians to expressed their outcries over U.S. tax issues. The merger deal appears to fall under the category of tax inversion, yet analysts said it is not.

Society November 24, 2015

Pfizer, Allergan Reportedly Close To $150 Billion Merger

Pfizer and Allergan are said to have closed a merger deal worth $150 billion. The move is said to be historic as it will deem Pfizer the largest drug maker in the world.

Deals November 23, 2015

Pfizer, Allergan Considering Blockbuster Merger: Combined Company Would Have $332B Market Cap

Pfizer reportedly approached Allergan about a possible merger, which would create a company with a market cap of $332 billion. The takeover, if it pushes through, would be the biggest one for the year.

Business October 30, 2015

Universities And Colleges To Boost Meningitis B Vaccination efforts

Meningitis may be rare but it is fatal so universities and colleges are not taking risks, boosting efforts to promote meningitis B vaccines in their campuses.

Life September 10, 2015

CDC Committee Pushes For Meningococcal Group B Vaccination For Adolescents And Young Adults

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the CDC has voted to include adolescents and young adults, between 16 and 23 years old, in its recommendation for meningococcal group B vaccination.

Life June 30, 2015

Court Favors Pfizer In Zoloft-Birth Defect Case

Pfizer is cleared of liability concerning allegations that its antidepressant Zoloft had caused birth defects in a boy in California, according to a St. Louis court.

Life April 19, 2015

Pfizer Ibrance Breast Cancer Drug Shows Promising Results During Clinical Trial

Pfizer's breast cancer drug Ibrance shows encouraging results in clinical trials. The drug is far more effective in delaying breast cancer progression in comparison to other drugs.

Life April 16, 2015

Vaccine Costs in Developing Countries Too High, Many Blame GSK, Pfizer

Vaccine costs are too high to protect populations in developing nations, Doctors Without Borders reports. Are pharmaceutical companies to blame for the problem?

Life January 22, 2015

Betting Big on Gene Therapy: Pfizer Partners with Spark Therapeutics for Hemophilia Treatment

Gene therapy has seen disappointments and safety concerns in the past but Pfizer is establishing a gene therapy platform and is working with biotech company Spark Therapeutics to develop a treatment for Hemophilia B. Here's why.

Life December 10, 2014

Boxed warning on stop-smoking drug Chantix should stay: FDA

Pfizer's attempt to remove the boxed warning from its stop-smoking drug Chantix has been halted by the FDA. The drug is believed to cause agitation, suicidal tendencies and depression in people.

Life October 17, 2014

New Viagra ad taps women to convince men to buy the blue pill

Pfizer launches a new Viagra advert featuring a woman talking about Viagra. The drug maker has lost its market share to rivals who offer erectile dysfunction drugs at a cheaper price.

Life October 1, 2014

Pfizer drug Xalkori effective against rare lung cancer in clinical trial

Pfizer's Xalkori drug was found to be effective against non-small-lung cancer patients with ROS1 gene abnormalities. The medicine decreased the size of tumors in 36 out of 50 patients with the rare disease.

Life September 29, 2014

Pfizer faces mounting lawsuits for Lipitor side effects

The side effects of Lipitor gets more people to file lawsuits against Pfizer. The drug lowers down cholesterol level but also develops the chances of a person getting type-2 diabetes.

Life August 10, 2014

Pfizer's breast cancer drug Palbociclib slows down tumor growth, shows hope for advanced cases

An experimental drug by Pfizer can prevent breast cancer from worsening twice as long as current medications showing promise even in advanced breast cancer cases.

Life April 7, 2014

New experimental cholesterol drug by Amgen may be better than Lipitor

An experimental drug developed by Amgen Inc. may soon provide an alternative and possibly even a better option for people who do not get much from taking Lipitor or cannot simply tolerate the drug.

Life April 1, 2014

Pfizer recalls antidepressant Effexor after wrong drug found in bottle

Pfizer said the use of Tikosyn, a drug recently found in an Effexor bottle, could cause serious side effects in Effexor patients. The company has now recalled the antidepressant.

Life March 7, 2014

Gene mutation that can reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes gets drugmakers' attention

Drug companies are already working on programs that would develop drugs based on a study which found a genetic mutation that decreases one's risks of Type 2 Diabetes.

Life March 3, 2014

Childhood infection vaccine Pfizer Prevnar 13 also good for helping elderly ward off pneumonia

Stocks of Pfizer rose with news that Prevnar 13, a popular vaccine generally used to treat infections in children, can also help keep off pneumonia in the elderly.

Life February 24, 2014

BlackBerry losing Pfizer, Pentagon as customers

BlackBerry may lose two valuable customers - Pfizer and Pentagon - who are looking to take their business elsewhere.

Business November 18, 2013

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