AstraZeneca is facing a lawsuit charge filed by the European Union (EU) on Monday, Apr.26. The international organization complained about the delivery delays for the COVID-19 vaccine in the continent.

Why EU Sued AstraZeneca

European Union Files Lawsuit to AstraZeneca Over Vaccine Delivery Delays--What Happened?
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There was an agreement between AstraZeneca and the 27 members of the EU about the delivery of the vaccine. It was stated that the union has requested the British-Swedish manufacturer to produce 300 million doses at the end of June.

Additionally, there was an extra 100 million that was considered an option in the negotiation. However, the postponements of the COVID-19 vaccines persisted which prompted the organization to file charges over a missed contract.

It was expected in the first half of 2021, the vaccine maker should have sent 100 million doses already, yet only a third of the supplies have been delivered.

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Earlier this week, European Commission spokesperson, Stefan De Keersmaecker said that what triggered them to sue AstraZeneca is its unreliable tactic to deliver the vaccines on time. There was also a continuous breach of contract that the company has failed to obey.

De Keersmaecker highlighted that the lawsuit happened in Brussels, Belgium last Friday, Apr.23. Moreover, he added that there will be an upcoming hearing on Wednesday, Apr. 28.

AstraZeneca 'Regrets' EU's Decision on Filing a Lawsuit

After the EU finalized its legal action, AstraZeneca stated that it has "regrets" over the org's decision. Furthermore, the company disapproved that it has breached its contract, CNN reported.

"Following an unprecedented year of scientific discovery, very complex negotiations, and manufacturing challenges, our company is about to deliver almost 50 [million] doses to European countries by the end of April, in line with our forecast," the company said."

It added that it has complied with the EU's Advance Purchase Agreement. At the time, AstraZeneca seems to be ready for the legal action initiated by the organization.

However, EU officials were pointing out that the company has failed to meet its targets mentioned in the agreement. They added that what they prioritize right now is the fast delivery that is agreed upon within the contract's basis.

Over the past months, AstraZeneca has been on the sideline while facing a lot of controversies. Previously, the company has received criticism when it comes to the data on clinical trials in the United States and Europe.

There was general advice from numerous nations from Europe that there should be a postponement of shots for older adults. This is because they become doubtful in taking a jab due to the discrepancy in the trial data on the said age bracket.

Some reports about the AstraZeneca vaccine have caught the attention of the world. The blood clotting condition that happens when a patient receives the AstraZeneca vaccine has brought panic to the nation. This scenario has prompted the countries to limit vaccine usage to old groups only.

This was an action imposed by Denmark on the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer. It has ordered operations to be stopped following the effects of the vaccine on some patients.

On Friday, Apr. 30, AstraZeneca will submit its Q1 financial report.

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