Leak Says Apple M1 iMac Could Launch on April 20: iMac21,1 and iMac 21,2
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Leak Says Apple M1 iMac Could Launch on April 20: iMac21,1 and iMac 21,2

A somewhat trusted tipster by the name of Mark Gurman currently states that the 2021 iMac all-in-one desktop could be the next Apple product launching with the new Ma1 processor. The announcement is reportedly just a few days from today. That's reportedly just the beginning as there is allegedly even more evidence that an upcoming upgraded iMac will be launched at this coming Apple event on April 20.

Apple iMac Units

In a recent interview that discussing what could be on the new docket for the upcoming April event, Gurman, who reportedly writes for Bloomberg, then noted that there will be new iMac desktops along with custom Apple chips. Before this, the mention of both the model numbers iMac21,1 as well as iMac21,2 showed up in the recent macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta.

These mentions reportedly do not correspond to any of the current Macs. Back in October of 2020, the official Eurasian Economic Commission also posted a list of different model numbers for the unreleased desktops that are expected to have the macOS Big Sur. as of the moment, it is widely assumed that the upcoming desktops will be M1-powered as Apple officially moves away from its use of Intel processors.

New Apple M1 iMac Model

According to the story by cultofmac, the later two tidbits did not technically point to an upcoming April 20 launch but the Apple Store could have. Supplies of the iMac models as of the moment are getting quite tight. For those ordering the 21.5-inch base model, it won't be delivered or maybe almost two weeks after the April 20 event.

After the April 20 event, however, buyers might get the opportunity to switch towards the M1 model even before its delivery. The available option to configure the unit to 512GB has just recently disappeared. Another unconfirmed report back in March also showed that Apple had slowed down the production of the 21.5-inch iMac ahead of the company's much-awaited Apple Silicon upgrade.

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New Apple Product Lineup

As noted by Gurman, the signature feature of the upcoming iMac is apparently going to be the processor. Apple ahd first launched the computers along with its initial M-series chip back in autumn of 2020. These would offer significant speed advantages in comparison to its Intel-based predecessors.

The iMac, however, shows a bit of a challenge. The earlier versions of this particular desktop with even more high-end Intel processors actually offer better performance compared to the version of the Apple M1 that was used in the initial round of Macs. Apple will reportedly either have to launch a much faster version of the reported M1, keep the Intel versions within its lineup, or basically just offer its customers the option of slower Macs. For this reasons, there has been wide speculation that the upcoming 2021 iMac will also include an enhanced M1X chip.

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