Uber is now launching over half a dozen new features. One particularly useful feature is in line with the current pandemic and how people will be able to get vaccinated faster. Uber's new Covid vaccine booking feature allows users to set vaccine appointments at Walgreens and simply reserve themselves a ride in order to get their jab.

Uber COVID Vaccine Booking

The company now homes in on a useful business model that will be able to finally deliver profit. The features were reportedly announced on April 28 and they fall under what Uber is currently describing as its very own "go get" type of strategy. This move is actually also meant to mark a return of what was stated to be "more normal" business operations following the dreaded 14 months of shutdowns that were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Engadget.

According to TechCrunch, the numerous features that reportedly include vaccine booking will also be offering valet services that will easily drop off a rented car, reserved rides when at the airports which will offer up to a whole hour of waiting time, and even some options to have food picked up during the whole ride-hailing route. These features are all centered around Uber's main core services of delivery as well as ride hailing.

Uber Changed Throughout the Pandemic

Some time during the early 2020, Uber actually looked like quite a different business that had a web of pursuits, covernig air taxis and even self-driving cars, delivery, a freight booking platform, ridesharing, and even shared e-bike as well as scooter rentals. Everything has changed, and Uber is making ways to adapt to the current pandemic era. 

During the past year, Uber has reportedly dumped the shared micromobility unit jump, offloaded the company's autonomous air taxi business known as the Uber Elevate, and even sold off its own Uber ATG self-driving unit and a whole stake in its own logistic arm, Uber Freight. Uber has reportedly maintained equity in all of the reported businesses. While it might have looked like Uber was getting rid of most of its own business, it was actually not.

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Uber Acquires Postmates and Drizly

It was reported that the move wasn't only about the whole company ridding itself of business. During this particular period, Uber had decided to double down on its own rideshare and delivery capabilities by acquiring both Postmates as well as Drizly in the whole process.

The acquisition was done by Uber in order to expand to the two new areas covered by those companies which would then be the best path to profitability. Uber's newer Go Get initiative is a new continuation of this particular strategy. Meanwhile, the whole COVID-19 pandemic had drastically decimated its own rideshare business. Uber wasn't the only company affected as its competitors were victims as well. The business as delivery, however, exploded.

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