New Netflix Feature Saves Viewers Time Looking for 'What to Watch': Introducing the Shuffle!
(Photo : Screenshot From New Netflix Feature Saves Viewers Time Looking for 'What to Watch': Introducing the Shuffle!

A lot of Netflix streamers spend most of their time trying to find the perfect show to watch before actually watching a show. A new Netflix feature could provide a solution to those having a hard time picking out the perfect show to watch.

Netflix Shuffle Feature 2021

For those viewers that have an extremely hard time settling on what to watch and freeze when picking from the thousands of different options, there could be a way to easily watch movies without even having to pick. When watching movies on the television, shows are being played according to schedule and not actually depending on what the viewer technically wants.

While this could be advantageous since the viewers won't have to spend too much time picking a show, people are now streaming more than watching television due to the convenience that it provides. It has actually been well reported that with the whole influx of different choices available on other digital streaming services comes a certain level of user decision fatigue, according to Medium.

Netflix New 'Play Something' Feature

According to HypeBeast, Netflix now understands this issue and is introducing a brand new tool that would help make the whole viewing decision for the users themselves. The new feature is reportedly called "Play Something" and it would automatically put a new series or even a film well based on the previous streaming habits of the user.

For viewers that fancy action films, Play Something would most likely give them the whole action movie or action series binge without them having to decide what to watch. If ever the Play Something won't initially land users on something interesting for them to watch, they will have the option to "Play Something Else."

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Netflix 'Play Something Else' Streaming

Basically, the "Play Something Else" would work as a skip button where users will be able to watch another movie or series if ever they don't really like what is being shuffled to them. The "Play Something Else" button would then launch users to what they are currently watching, a new series or film that has been on the user's list, or even another unfinished series or film that could be good for them to revisit.

The new tool can be located on the user's navigation menu located in the tenth row of the official Netflix homepage somewhere just underneath the official user profile name. The company released a press release noting that whether they are in a mood for maybe something new or even a familiar favorite, the new "Play Something" feature will allow Netflix to handle the rest.

This new Netflix feature will take the load off of users' shoulders especially when it comes to deciding what to actually watch. Users can simply go on Netflix and easily "Play Something" and allow Netflix to do the rest while they simply sit back, relax, and enjoy streaming.

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