Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock Alert: Target, Walmart, Best Buy Stores Availability Check
(Photo : Screenshot From Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock Alert: Target, Walmart, Best Buy Stores Availability Check

For those dying to get the new Xbox Series X restock online, the new Microsoft Store Xbox Series X restock just launched! For those who didn't know what was going on, an Xbox Series X restock tracker tweeted out that there was a new Microsoft Store Xbox Series X restock.

Xbox Series X Restock 2021

There are three main reasons why the Xbox Series X is extremely hard to purchase. The first reason is because of the obvious, scalpers! For gamers that have seen the Xbox Series X price being sold for ridiculous amounts of cash, they are most probably resells. Scalpers have been clearing out the selves then reselling them at higher prices.

The second reason as to why it has been extremely hard to buy the Xbox Series X is because of the global chip shortage which has spread not just through the Xbox Series X but also to other powerful and much needed chips as well. The GPU industry has been deeply affected as well as the automotive industry!

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Xbox Series X Restock Today

Due to the global chip shortage, companies are only capable of getting a certain amount of chips with little room for buying extra in order to make more stock. The global semiconductor shortage has reportedly affected the entire tech industry in some way.

For those who were able to follow the Xbox Series X restock twitter tracker, luck was finally on their side! The Xbox Series X|S Stock Alert account on Twitter announced the new Xbox Series X restock online at the official Microsoft Store! While not all Xbox Series X trackers might be effective, one commenter noted that he was able to purchase two consoles due to the notification he got by following the tracker.

As of the moment, there are no other Xbox Series X restocks available but it might be worth checking out other online retailers just in case. One important thing to do is to make sure that the buyer has their accounts logged into these online retailers in order to automatically place an order once new Xbox Series X online stock is available.


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