The "Saints Row: The Third Remastered" will be making its way to Steam on May 22, after previously being exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

'Saints Row: The Third Remastered' Coming to Steam

The news about the release date was revealed through the official "Saints Row" Twitter account.

Twitter user @sagagawa asked the account whether or not there were plans for the video game remaster to come to Steam, and the account simply replied that the official release date is on May 22.

"Saints Row: The Remastered" was released on May 22, 2020, so it seems that the Epic Games Store exclusivity was set just one year before it gets to move to a different platform, according to PC Gamer.

The game also came to Google Stadia in April, so Steam was the last remaining digital storefront to not have the title.

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There were no other announcements regarding the game coming to the Steam platform, and it still does not have an official page on the store.

For fans of the video game who missed when it launched, "Saints Row: The Third Remastered" is a graphical overhaul of 2011's "Saint Row: The Third" with new lighting and new model overhauls.

It also comes with that game's many costume and level DLC packs, acting as a complete edition of the original game release.

Even though the video game's lighting systems and graphical updates were praised by critics and fans, it still drew some criticisms regarding the consoles for being capped at 30 FPS, which was seen as strange considering that it is now a decade-old game.

This limit should not apply to the PC releases of the game, so the Steam version should be free of this issue.

Most of the "Saints Row" announcements are made in subtle tweets, as last year the account announced that a new "Saints Row" title is in the works at Volition.

One Twitter user stated that fans were not interested in a remaster of an old title, so the official "Saints Row" account stated that a new "Saints Row" game is in development from Volition.

The account tweeted about the next game as recently as April, saying that all they have to announce right now is that the game is currently in development, as per Eurogamer.

What is 'Saints Row?'

"Saints Row" is a series of action-adventure video games created by Volition, and published by THQ and Deep Silver. The series follows the 3rd Street Saints, a fictional street gang that is operating out of the Saint's Row district.

The gameplay focuses in an open world where the player can complete missions to progress an overall story, and engage in different side activities. Most of the gameplay revolves around driving and shooting, with some role-playing elements.

In March 2011, "Saints Row: The Third" was released.

The story centers around the conflict between the Saints and the Syndicate, an international crime syndicate who seek to take advantage of the Saint's influence.

The game changes the setting to Stilwater's sister city, Steelport, which is ruled by the three gangs that make up the international crime group known as the Syndicate.

As in the first two Saints Row games, the player's goal is to undermine their rivals and take over their turf, but this time the narrative is more linear and the missions can only be played in a certain order.

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