Zoom fatigue is becoming prevalent these days since people are always using a virtual communication channel to communicate with their co-workers. Even the Zoom Video Communications Inc. CEO Eric Yuan said that he is experiencing sudden tiredness after attending an online meeting.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic continues, companies such as JP Morgan Chase and other firms will be implementing a likely return to office work in the upcoming months.

Zoom Fatigue Hits Everyone Including the Zoom CEO

Zoom CEO Suffers from 'Zoom Fatigue'--JP Morgan and More Companies Prompt Imminent Return for Office Work Soon
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Zoom CEO Eric Yuan is also experiencing Zoom fatigue.

Zoom fatigue does not choose its victims. It's pretty normal nowadays to regularly use your computer, laptop, or even your smartphone to speak with your friends, workmates, and other people.

Due to the threat of the virus, the company executives have decided to implement a work-from-home set up for their employees since it is much safer to work inside their houses, but at a cost of an unexpected burnout brought by long hours of video calls.

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Other employers favored the continuous in-house arrangement until one day, they are gradually feeling the emerging signs of fatigue after several interactions on-screen.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal during the CEO Council Summit last Tuesday, May 4, Yuan spoke to the virtual audience that had been suffering from the effects of Zoom fatigue.

Last year, Yuan said that there's a single day when he hosted 19 straight Zoom meetings which took a toll on his body. He said that he grew tired of it and would not anymore hold Zoom calls successively.

Employees Will Now Return to Office

Indeed, what happens when a person attends Zoom meetings in a row seems to be detrimental to one's health. This led Yuan to implement an alternate office-and-home system for all of them.

Most probably, the workers will be asked to spend two days weekly in the office, and the remaining days will be a work-from-home arrangement. This stems from the frequent aftermath of Zoom fatigue being a real sickness in the present.

In a report by Financial News, even JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon wants his employees to savor the office life once again beginning this May since some of them felt unhappy working at home.

Others reported that they are unproductive in their current framework and wanted to do the usual "corporate" culture in the competitive environment. 

It's more than a year since the pandemic broke, and the corporations have to deal with a different take on how to continue working while keeping their safety.

Many companies have made use of a hybrid approach that combines both in-house and office arrangements, and yet, there are still rumbling problems about the work flexibility and schedules.

For Carbon Inc. CEO, Ellen Kullman, some of her employees have gotten used to remote work while others voice out going back to the company office. 

Meanwhile, British Secret Intelligence Service boss, Richard Moore encouraged concerned groups to not immediately return to the "old way" since the pandemic is still out there.

When Nasdaq Inc. CEO Adena Friedman was asked about the work arrangements, she said that urban workers would be needing some urge to go back to city life.

"Commuting wasn't a favorite time for everyone, but at the same time, I don't think there's anything you can experience in an urban environment," Friedman said.

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