Both the manufacturers and network operators have now really been pushing 5G technology hard, even throughout a whole pandemic that reportedly forced some industries to stall for a while simply. Unfortunately, it seems that one of the most critical pieces of precious hardware that would enable that technology for users is putting them at risk.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G

According to the story by SlashGear, Qualcomm's very own 5G modem reportedly has quite a severe flaw that can reportedly be exploited easily through Android. This would potentially put hundreds of different users at risk.

A Check Point researcher noted in an official blog said that the flaw can easily be found in Qualcomm's very own Mobile Station modem, a technology that has been around ever since 1990. It is reportedly responsible for a number of different modem-based features coming from 4G LTE and even 5G as well.

5G Vulnerability for Qualcomm Processor

This means that almost every phone that would use a 5G-compatible Qualcomm processor is potentially affected by this particular vulnerability. There is another particular element that makes the whole situation worse.

The security researchers even point out that the flaw could even be easily exploited through the simple use of the Android operating system. This is pretty much the OS that is used to run all phones that are equipped with Qualcomm chips. This even includes the more recent phones that are already 5G enabled.

Attackers Use SMS to Steal Data

Attackers can easily send a specially crafted SMS to take control of the device, giving them access to users' messages, checking users' phone history, and even unlock the device's own SIM card.

The good news is actually that Check Pont Research was able to report this particular flaw to Qualcomm, who was reportedly able to develop a certain fix for it sometime last year. Unfortunately, the researchers also did not publicly disclose the actual vulnerability to give Qualcomm enough time to make the needed fixes as well as inform its own partners.

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5G Adaptation

However, the bad news is that they are also talking about Android, and it is actually up to manufacturers to be able to deliver that specific bugfix to their customers. Some of the OEMs are reportedly better than others in that particular regard. Unfortunately, it will affect all of the different Snapdragon 5G phones no matter how slow or how fast it is in pushing out updates.

5G technology is something that a lot of internet users are looking forward to. Despite many conspiracy theories around 5G, many people are still really excited for a faster 5G internet connection. As of the moment, internet providers are still adjusting to 5G by setting up more towers and upgrading their technology. However, as of the moment, more and more companies are getting closer and closer to make 5G the next standard.

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