"Pokemon GO" players have another thing they should get excited about, as Niantic confirmed that the most-awaited Gible Community Day 2021 will soon go live. 

"Gible. June 6. That's it. That's the tweet. #PokemonGOCommunityDay," said the game developer via its official Twitter account.

"Save the date and stay tuned for more info, Trainers," said Niantic.

The game developer's latest tweet was able to generate more than 1,000 comments, 3,600 retweets, and 16,500 likes. Niantic's announcement excited many players since they can catch the rare Pokemon.

On the other hand, some trainers are expecting that there will be a research day during the upcoming Gible Community Day.

"I get that Niantic wants to silence all the crybabies in the PoGo community. I, personally, am a fan of rare shinies, so not happy with Gible CD. Let rare shinies be rare," said a "Pokemon GO" fan.

'Pokemon GO' Gible Community Day's Major Details

Niantic started to release various Community Days back in January 2018. However, some fans criticized the caliber of creatures offered in these events. Before this issue, the "Pokemon GO" developer was releasing powerful and rare pocket monsters. 

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These include Larvitar, Beldum, and more. However, Niantic suddenly focused on more diminutive interesting creatures, such as Fletching, Roselia, and other pocket monsters.

And now, it seems like the trainers will be hyped up again since Gible is one of the most popular pocket-monsters in the game. Based on Niantic's tweet, the upcoming Gible Community Day will start on June 6.

However, Euro Gamer reported that the game developer hadn't revealed details other than the release date. Although this is the case, various sources could still provide the fans with various rumors and speculations about the upcoming "Pokemon GO" event. To help you further, here are other possible features you can expect from it.

Things to Expect from Gible Community Day 

According to Dual Shockers' latest report, there are various things that players should be excited about the upcoming Gible Community Day 2021. 

Some rumors claimed that Niantic's high chance will offer Gible, Gabite, and Garchomp during the upcoming event. These pocket monsters are among the most powerful and rarest ones in the game. However, this update will still depend on the game developer's final decision. 

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