What Makes Rockstar Games' 'Red Dead Redemption 2' a Legend? Any Signs of 'GTA VI'?
(Photo : Screenshot From Rockstar Games Official Website) What Makes Rockstar Games' 'Red Dead Redemption 2' a Legend? Any Signs of 'GTA VI'?

Rockstar Games definitely has a lot of powerful titles under their belt. One of their most recent games, "Red Dead Redemption 2" has definitely been a crowning jewel that wasn't just a hype but was a continual wave of fun for gamers.

Why is 'Red Dead Redemption 2' so Popular?

One thing that really propelled the game to greatness was the initial hype surrounding the game which somehow seemed to make the whole cowboy style "cool" again. During the game's early age, one iconic pop song released with a video of what looked like the gameplay of "Red Dead Redemption 2" during the early days of the game.

Lil Nas X released a particular music video that instantly became viral after people started sharing the video of the gameplay with a cowboy-style trap song which was something refreshing to hear. Due to the uniqueness of the trap song and how the song perfectly matched the gameplay, the video instantly became viral.

Best Cowboy Game

Although this wasn't the only reason for the game's popularity, it is definitely one of the stronger reasons for the game becoming mainstream. Rockstar Games sometimes cater to a specific set of audience but with the reintroduction of the game by Lil Nas X unofficial music video, the whole "cowboy trap" culture started to trend.


One thing that is up for debate is how good "Red Dead Redemption 2" actually is. The game, although is certainly fun for those that are fans of cowboys and how Rockstar Games games roll, it can be received differently by those used to other games. An article by CBR reportedly compares the game to "The Last of Us II" which is another really popular game.

'The Last of Us Part II' vs 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

The article noted that despite one being set in the fictional post-apocalyptic world that is ravaged by a dangerous infectious virus and the other taking its place in the classic Old West, both "The Last of Us Part II" as well as "Red Dead Redemption 2" reportedly hold a lot of different parallels. They are both widely regarded as the two best games that came out during the last decade.

Although once again this is highly speculative and really depends on gamers' perspective, the game hosts a lot of similarities and differences that are really impactful to gamers. One thing that the two games share is the really impactful deaths that happen in the game. Since the characters within the game are deeply given value and a rich story line, certain deaths within the game are really good enough to pull players in.

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Rockstar Games 'GTA VI' Leaks?

One reason why "Red Dead Redemption 2" is pretty good is because of how it depicts a lot of similarities with the Old West. Well, at least how it is generally thought of. The game also allows players to explore the Old West and have a life for themselves for the very first time.

As of the moment, while gamers are still waiting for a potential GTA VI, all leaks are still leaks and rumors with very weak evidence as of the moment. Rockstar Games is extremely silent as to when and (most importantly) if there will ba an upcoming GTA 6.

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