Social media app Instagram has recently introduced a new feature where users can now display up to four pronouns to their profiles. Through this feature, the followers can easily identify the gender of a person.

One way or another, the Facebook-owned networking service has now a new way for the users to express themselves to the public. At the moment, the feature is only limited to the selected countries worldwide.

Instagram Adds 'Pronouns' Feature in the Platform

Instagram Launches Pronouns' Feature For Users' Preference: How to Add Them in Your Profile?
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According to an updated report of Business Standard on Wednesday, May 12, the company has not divulged its entire plans about the new feature. Currently, the feature will only roll out to a few countries, but the specific nations that could use it are not mentioned by Instagram.

"Now you can add pronouns to your profile with a new field. It's another way to express yourself on Instagram and we've seen a lot of people adding pronouns already, so hopefully, this makes it even easier. Available in a few countries today with plans for more," Instagram's Vice President of Product, Vishal Shah shared.

For a certain pronoun to be added, the user should first fill out the information. If it is not yet available during that time, the person could put that pronoun in the bio section.

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The selection of pronouns is not only limited to the usual he/him, she/her, and they/them. Users could select from other choices such as ey/em/eir, fae/faer/faers, xe/xem/xyr, ze/hir/hirs, thon/thons, and more.

Following the announcement of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the release of the "Instagram for Kids," several groups including 44 attorney generals have called out the social media giant over their concerns about the app.

Even though Zuckerberg confirmed that the app was safe for the children's usage, the coalition believed that it would affect the privacy and mental health of the kids.

The upcoming "Instagram for Kids" application will be a lighter version of the standard Instagram app that people regularly use. However, as its name suggests, it will only be available for children below 13 years old.

Despite several explanations about its safety, the attorneys encourage the online-sharing app to stop its plans about its potential public release. 

At the time of writing, kids below 13 are not permitted to use Instagram unless there is information in the profile that indicates that the account is handled by a parent

In case the user does not find the appropriate pronoun, a request ticket could be submitted to Instagram.

How to Add Pronouns to Your Profile?

In a report by PEOPLE, adding pronouns to the profile is easy through these five-step process:

  1. Click the "human" icon on the profile located at the bottom right. You can also directly tap your profile picture.
  2. Press "Edit Profile" then click "Pronouns."
  3. Type your desired pronouns which you can see from the list
  4. Tap "Next" to activate "Show to Followers Only." You can also disable this setting.
  5. On the top right, click "Done" to save the details of your profile. 

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