Foxconn has recently signed with Fisker Inc. to co-manufacture an electric vehicle. The latter would head the project, and Taiwanese manufacturer, Foxconn, will fulfill semiconductor needs. However, it was initially perceived that Foxconn would also be the manufacturer for the chips, which would be used for the Apple Car, its longtime partner.   

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While there are no reports that the Apple Car would be relying on Foxconn for its chips or Foxconn denying its future involvement with Apple and its electric vehicle, this new development may be a conflict with the venture. Apple has been in partnership with Foxconn for a long time now, mainly for the chips used by the company's iPhone lines. 

There have been countless rumors that surround Apple's "Apple Car" and one of them involves the partnership between the Cupertino giant and Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). However, Foxconn was also the other one highly rumored for this partnership, amidst the different companies like Kia, Hyundai, and BMW being approached by Apple fr this venture. 

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Foxconn Signs with Fisker for Electric Vehicle Venture

In the recent reports and development, Fisker has signed with Foxconn in a deal that makes the two mutually beneficial of each other, to begin a new production phase of developing its electric vehicle. According to Tech Crunch's report, the American automotive startup, Fisker, has partnered up with the Taiwanese chipmaker for its EV venture. 

It was also rumored before that Foxconn has been eyeing to create an electric vehicle to be sold in the country, and this venture was initially perceived as the "Apple Car" with the big tech company. Now, it seems that it is not the one with Apple, rather, for another American company which was now revealed to be Fisker.

The Apple Car
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The Apple Car

According to Nikkei Asia's report last March, Foxconn has announced this venture and interest before but was secretive of its ties or comments which censored Apple's name on the company's electric vehicle plans. They have also suspected of it as the Apple Car, especially with the long-running relationship of the company with Apple and the iPhones. 

Would this End its Alleged Involvement with the Apple Car? 

Apple Car Concept
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While nothing is concrete yet, the possibility of Foxconn joining hands with Apple on its Apple Car venture is still unknown as the Taiwanese company already has a pledge to another. However, this does not necessarily close the possibility of Foxconn's involvement with Apple with its electric vehicle slated for 2024 or 2025.

Apple still has a lot of other chip manufacturers to rely on, and it involves the manufacturer of the M1 ARM-based silicon, which is TSMC. 

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