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Based on rumors and leaked information, this might not be a good year for iPhone fans. It is because the upcoming iPhone 13 will only have a minor update over the iPhone 12.

This means that it might not stand out in the face of some of the other phones that will be out this year, especially Google Pixel 6.

However, knowing iPhone, the latest one might face massive success regardless. Apple could upgrade the chipset only and keep the rest. The iPhone 13 would still sell by millions, according to tech experts.

iPhone 13's Leaked Information

Despite the leaked information about the phone and rumors circulating online, it is still early to judge the phone.

However, from what was gathered by TechRadar, the iPhone 13 could just be the iPhone 12 but with a bit of upgrade.

Leaks point to an iterative update with the same selection of handsets as last year, the same screen size, and the same resolutions.

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The design of the iPhone 13 range is also likely to be similar to that of the iPhone 12 range, if rumors are anything to go by. Fans could expect some changes in the dimensions, but not much more than that.

Meanwhile, the cameras could be improved a but, but still not by much from what the rumors stated. Expect changed apertures and slight improvements to the hardware, but no other drastic upgrades, according to Tom's Guide.

Even the phone's chipset, which can usually be relied upon to get a massive boost in each new model, might be a fairly modest upgrade, with reports suggesting it is the same size as the iPhone 12's chipset, which is likely to mean it won't be a huge improvement.

So far, the only big update that is looking likely on the iPhone 13 range is a move to 120Hz refresh rate screens, but this is so far only rumored for the iPhone Pro models, and it is something that Android has offered for years, with numerous Android phones sporting even higher refresh rates.

Pick up a Pixel 6

As for the Android phones, while Apple appears to be treading water with the iPhone 13, Google might finally have broken out of its slumber and built an exciting handset, Forbes reported.

Pixels phones are slick, sleek smartphones with great software, great cameras, and usually reasonable prices. But they are not exactly the most ambitious or inspiring of devices in general, though the Google Pixel 6 might be.

A leak of Pixel phones revealed the possible design, and it is very different not just from the past Pixel phones, but from pretty much any other handsets too.

Coupled with the Pixel 6's rumored Google-made chipset, the phone could be a lot more than just a solid way to get stock Android, it could be a real rival to Samsung Galaxy S21, and it could beat iPhone 13.

However, while the Pixel 6 comparison won't do the iPhone 13 any favors, it won't be the only exciting handset to land this year.

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