Bill Gates Resignation Allegedly Came Before Investigation Into Relationship with Microsoft Employee Finished
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Bill Gates had officially left Microsoft's board some time last year after his fellow board members decided that he should actually step down. This was done while the board members were investigating an alleged relationship that the billionaire had with a certain female employee at Microsoft which was reportedly deemed inappropriate.

Bill Gates Relatioinship With Microsoft Employee

According to the Wall Street Journal, a certain law firm that was hired by the board had started an investigation back in 2019 after a Microsoft engineer alleged in a letter that she had actually had a years-long sexual relationship with Bill Gates. The information was given to the Journal by people familiar with the matter.

During the whole process, a number of board members reportedly concluded that it was inappropriate for gates Gates to remain on the board of the company that he officially co-funded and even led for decades. Gates had officially resigned before the board had finished their investigation into the matter.

Microsoft Investigates 

Microsoft initially did not respond to a request for comment but still confirmed that they were conducting an investigation. A Microsoft spokesperson reportedly said that the company had received a concern some time late 2019 that Bill Gates was looking to initiate an intimate relationship with a company employee in 2000.

A committee of the Board reportedly reviewed the concern which was reportedly aided by an outside law firm in order to conduct a thorough investigation. Throughout the whole investigation, Microsoft reportedly provided an extensive report to the particular employee that had raised the concern.

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Bill Gates Transition Off the Board 'Not Related 

Gates reportertedly couldn't be reached for a comment but a spokesperson for the Microsoft co-founder had confirmed the existence of a certain affair that took place almost 20 years ago which reportedly ended amicably, according to the story by CNet. She then went on to say that the whole decision to transition off the board was actually in no way related to the particular matter. In fact, he even expressed that he was just interested in spending more time on his philanthropy that reportedly started a few years earlier.

Gates had decided to resign from the official Microsoft board on March 13, 2020, according to a particular press release during that time in order to "dedicate more time" towards his philanthropic priorities which included education, global health, development, and even his increasing engagement towards tackling climate change. Gates and his wife reportedly announced some time earlier this month that they were reportedly ending their marriage some time after 27 years. 

Bill Gates Meets Jeffrey Epstein

According to an article by the Wall Street Journal, revelations of Bill Gates spending time with Jeffrey Epstein, a certain convicted sex trafficker, were also at least partly behind Melinda Gates decision to look for a divorce. Melinda Gates was reportedly worried about Epstein's relationship with Bill Gates. The New York Times officially reported back in 2019 that Bill Gates met with Epstein "many times" ever since 2011. Bill Gates denies both being friends or having a business relationship with Epstein.

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