World leader in gaming peripherals and accessories SteelSeries has officially launched its new Rival 5 gaming mouse, a one-stop-shop solution for gamers of all genres.

Purposely built to deliver a single solution specifically for gamers who play different games from different genres, the Rival 5 gaming mouse is engineered for optimal performance and designed for class and style.

A press release from SteelSeries explains that the Rival 5 gaming mouse is inspired by the color-adapting chameleon, obtaining the same ability to change color and adapt to the needs of its environment.

SteelSeries' Rival 5: The Ultimate Game Changing Mouse
(Photo : SteelSeries/ DKC News)

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A Game-Changing Mouse

In an elegant fusion of fit, function, and fashion, the new chameleon of gaming mice is poised to be a true "game changer.

Building on SteelSeries' established history of innovative mouse design, the Rival 5 has been developed to be a perfect "fit," like a glove. Following a universal ergonomic form, players can expect great comfort - regardless of hand size and grip style. Additionally, it offers easy access to a set of side buttons that can be bind to various commands for those lightning-fast decisions that could make or break any game.

Regardless of whether you're playing Total War, or Assassin's Creed, or Apex Legends, you won't have to look for another gaming mouse ever again. With ninw programmable buttons, the Rival 5 gaming mouse offers full customization for the most critical hotkeys and key binds, with an additional 5-button quick action side panel layout with a toggle switch for a faster in-game response.

Aside from its form and function, the Rival 5 is a marvel to behold. Like a chameleon, players can change the gaming mouse's color scheme to a palette consistent with those used in specific games. Equipped with the PrismSync Lighting, SteelSeries has created a mouse vibrant with 10 zones of 16.8 million colors - taking RGB lighting to the next level. Furthermore, the color schemes can easily be synchronized with other SteelSeries items and even set to respond to specific in-game cues.

SteelSeries' Rival 5 Side Profile
(Photo : SteelSeries/ DKC News)

Designed to Keep Up With Intense Gaming Sessions

To help players navigate fast-paced battle royale games - Fortnite, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Call of Duty: Warzone, and more - the Rival 5 gaming mouse is specially sculpted to be streamlined and lightweight, making it perfect for long hours of intense gaming. Weighing only a mere 85 grams, the Rival 5 is already 30% lighter compared to other gaming mice in the same category. Furthermore, it uses a Super Mesh Cable, allowing players to swipe and drag with greater speed and less drag.

Additionally, create that pro-gaming flick with its pixel-perfect precision. With its TrueMove Air Sensor, the new SteelSeries mouse has a custom 1-to-1 tracking with 18,000 CPU, 400 IPS, a 40G acceleration, and equipped with tilt tracking to remove unwanted tracking using angled drops, tilt slams, and even during quick flicks. Also, its next-generation Golden Micro IP54 Switches have been rated for as much as 80 million clicks - about thrice the durability of other gaming mice - for those accurate, double-click-free commands.

Lastly, as a visually appealing peripheral, Rival 5 contains a set of Engine Apps inside the SteelSeries GG, the brand's proprietary software that manages customized lighting across its products. As a one-stop-shop gaming mouse, Rival 5 recognizes Discord and other GameSense-ready apps as cues for chat notifications, in-game events, and more.

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