PS5 Tracker Hints Upcoming GameStop PS5 Restock With No Time Specified | New Update Trend?
(Photo : Screenshot From PlayStation Official Website) PS5 Tracker Hints Upcoming GameStop PS5 Restock With No Time Specified | New Update Trend?

It's 2021 and already a few months after the PS5 restock was first launched, but gamers are still having a hard time getting their hands on available PS5 stock online. There was a recent Sony Direct PS5 restock which had a waiting room with both Disc and Digital versions available.

PS5 Restock 2021

With scalpers on the rise, gamers are now forced to compete with not just robots but even just one another in order to get their hands on the new PS5 available stock which is extremely rare. Scalpers have been given a bad name for raising the resell prices to sometimes even more than twice the original SRP.

The global chip shortage certainly isn't helping as not only is the Sony PS5 restock reportedly affected but even the Microsoft Xbox Series X. Other industries are reportedly suffering the same fate as the lack in chips means limited production of electronics in general.

Will PS5 be restocked? 

There are a few new trends happening as of the moment. Just recently, a new Sony Direct PS5 restock was spotted online and it reportedly sold both the Disc and Digital version, according to a PS5 restock Twitter account. It seems like Sony has been able to adjust when it comes to handling massive orders or inquiries. 

This could also well be because ever since its launch, slowly, more and more gamers have finally bought the console. Another factor could be that some gamers have actually given up on buying the console due to the complications included in making what should be a simple purchase.

GameStop PS5 Restock Notification in Advance

Despite the bad news from Sony that the whole PlayStation 5 shortage will last well until next year, the good thing is that recently, there have been a few notifications in advance when new stock is said to appear. Another PS5 twitter restock account announced that GameStop will be having a restock "later today."

With the news in advance, at least gamers will be able to prepare themselves for when the stock does come up when they can automatically place an order. As of the moment, it is not just about the money but about how fast a gamer can move in order to place an order. The quicker they are to respond to the notification of new PS5 restock, the faster they will be able to place an order.

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PS5 Bundles for Sale

Another trend that is also catching up, sadly, is that the PS5 is being sold in bundles. While this could be extremely useful for those that enjoy the inclusions, this could be quite annoying for those who have no use or just little use for what is included in the bundle.

The problem, sometimes, is that the PS5 bundles are being sold at higher prices, in comparison to scalpers, with inclusions that gamers might not want. Some people have now started to contemplate as to whether they would rather buy a bundle or buy from a scalper.

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