"Pokemon GO" is debuting a special challenge on Tuesday, May 18. It involves the arrival of the Dark and Flying-type Legendary Yveltal with a five-star raid lined up at 10 AM local time. This is part of the Luminous Legends Y event that would bring a lot of new challenges for the game, including new Team Rocket Challenges, and a Galarian Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Luminous Legends Event
(Photo : Pokemon GO via Twitter)

"Pokemon X&Y" has dawned upon "Pokemon GO" faster than expected, especially as this is part of the new era of the popular manga to immediately be added to the popular AR game, compared to other generations. X&Y is part of the Generation VI (6) Pokemon lineup, centered in the Kalos region with Xerneas and Yveltal as its Legendaries.

Xerneas will soon depart from the platform as the center of raids and the event, as the Luminous Legends X event will finally make its exit from the platform. But this is not something to bring one's hopes down, especially as it ushers in a new legendary event to dawn to the platform, immediately after Xerneas and Arlo's challenges in the past weeks.

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'Pokemon GO' Luminous Legends Y Event

Yveltal Raid Guid

Pokemon Go Luminous Legends Event Yveltal Raid
(Photo : Pokemon GO Live)

One of the largest events in the Luminous Legends Y Event is the Yveltal Raid which will debut on Tuesday, May 18 at 10 am local time. Pokemon GO Live said that Dark Pokemon would appear more in the wild, following the shadows of Yveltal as it debuts in the AR game with its Dark and Flying-type monstrosity.

Yveltal is recommended to be faced with maxed-out CP and movesets from Shadow or Mega Pokemon, rounding up most of a player's Legendary creatures from past events. According to Pokebattler, these are the top 10 Pokemon and their moves that could create the most damage against Yveltal.

  • Mega Manectric (Charge Beam, Wild Charge)
  • Rhyperior (Smack Down, Rock Wrecker)
  • Shadow Electivire (Thunder Shock, Wild Charge)
  • Shadow Magnezone (Spark, Wild Charge)
  • Shadow Mamoswine (Powder Snow, Avalanche)
  • Shadow Gardevoir (Charm, Dazzling Gleam)
  • Shadow Raikou (Thunder Shock, Wild Charge)
  • Shadow Zapdos (Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt)
  • Therian Forme Thundurus (Volt Switch, Thunderbolt)
  • Zekrom (Charge Beam, Wild Charge)

Team Rocket Challenges

Apart from Yveltal Raids, "Pokemon GO" is also debuting more Team Rocket challenges in the wild, so expect a lot of battles from grunts and other members of the menacing league. Be ready for surprise attacks or PokeStop battles against the notorious team of Poke trainers.


Galarian Zigzagoon

Galarian Zigzagoon will be available on Field Research or Team Rocket-themed research tasks, and these are said to be enough to evolve the creature for its special form to bring a stronger Pokemon. Galarian Zigzagoons will be limited in the wild, so it is important to accomplish the field research to get a chance at the Pokemon.

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